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Riding the Meridian, the Archives

Issue One, Volume Two -- Women and Technology


    Miriam Axel-Lute, Michelle Cameron, Wendy Taylor-Carlisle, Ruth Daigon, c. allan dinsmore, Johanna Drucker, Claudia Grinnell, Diane Gromala, Adriene Jenik, Christine Kennedy, Tina LaPorta, Mez, Sue Thomas, Jessy Randall, Neca Stoller, Teresa White

___Women and Technology: Beyond the Binary
    A roundtable discussion with N. Katherine Hayles, Marjorie Perloff, Diane Greco, Linda Carroli and Shelley Jackson

___Word for Word
    CK Tower interviews Daniela Gioseffi, award-winning author and creator of Wise Women's Web

___The Progressive Dinner Party
    Created by Carolyn Guertin and Marjorie Coverley Luesebrink, a survery of web-based hypermedia by women, with commentary by N. Katherine Hayles and Talan Memmott.

___Three -Dimensional Dementia
    Guertin's presentation from DAC '99 on M.D. Coverley's Califia

___Gender and Identity in New Media
    An Interview with Judy Malloy

___Close Encounters of a Technical Kind
    T. Dunn, geniwate, Deena Larsen

Issue Two, Volume One

___ Sound/Text

    Charles Amirkhanian, miekal and, Michael Basinski, John Cayley, with grafts by Caroline Bergvall, cris cheek, Bob Cobbing, Joseph Hyde, Tony Kemplen, Wendy Kramer, Carlyle Reedy and Lawrence Upton

___ Hyper/Text
    Annie Abrahams, Diane Caney, M.D. Coverley and Stephanie Strickland, Deena Larsen, Talan Memmott, Reiner Strasser, Dan Waber and geniwate

___ Text
    Janet I. Buck, CE Chaffin, Claire Dinsmore, Lou Faber, Larry Mallory, Ken Pobo, Barry Spacks, James Valvis and David Weinstock

___ Better Than Bali: Travels on the WWW
    A roundtable discussion with Robert Kendall, Ian Irvine, Sue Thomas, Alaric Sumner and Christy Sheffield Sanford

___the Domestic Ambient Buoys
    Domestic Ambient Buoys (Bob Cobbing and Lawrence Upton) in discussion with Alaric Sumner

___ Word for Word
    CK Tower interviews Alan Kaufmann, editor of The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry.

___ In the Flesh
    Chocolate Waters introduces Spoken Word poet, Mark Larsen.

___ Domestic Ambient Noise/Moise
    Critical commentary with illustrative 'texts' by cris cheek.

___ Traces of a Performance
    by Petra Kuppers

___ Carnivocal, a Review
    Alaric Sumner reviews Carnivocal: A Celebration of Sound Poetry. Edited by Stephen Scobie & Douglas Barbour. Published by Red Deer Press

___ Utterance and notation of poetry
    by Lawrence Upton

    MOOing with miekal and.

___ So You Thought You Understood Hypertext?
    by Jennifer Ley

___ Expanding Our Vision
    by Lily Iona MacKenzie

___ Tools of the Trade
    Mark Bernstein, head scientist for Eastgate Systems, interviewed by Jennifer Ley.

___ Romancing StoneIs
    Dragon Bytes in the Deep -- M.D. Coverley's cautionary tale from the front lines of browser incompatibility and DHTML.

___The Breadloaf Diaries
    David Weinstock takes us to the Breadloaf Conference, summer of 1999.

Issue One, Volume One

___ Poetry

    Jeffrey Alfier, miekal and, Robert James Berry, Jane C. Brandon, Linda Chase, Ronald Donn, Peter Finch, Liz Forbes, Claudia K. Grinnell, Peter Horn, John Horváth Jr., Harold Janzen, Shikha Malaviya, André Mangeot, Murray Moulding, Cynthia Newcomer, Alvin Pang, Clinton V du Plessis, Michael Rothenberg, Kenneth Sherman, Red Slider, Robert Sullivan

___ Something to Write Home About
    Jeffrey Alfier, Douglas Barbour, Anne Berkeley, Liz Forbes, and Danny Huppatz, led by Peter Howard, discuss the effect the global nature of the Internet has had on poetry and the literary community.

___ Word for Word
    CK Tower interviews noted Australian poet and editor, John Tranter.

___ In the Flesh
    Chocolate Waters brings us her first in a series of articles on poets from the wilds of the New York poetry world you've most likely never seen before on the net.

___ Flashes on the Meridian
    Pamelyn Casto, who hosts the Flash Fiction Workshop, helps to define this very popular way of writing, with previously unpublished examples of the genre written by Viktor Car, Alex Keegan and Sheila Murphy.

___ State of Affairs
    Peter Howard reviews Leaving and Leaving You by Sophie Hannah.

___ Monster Book of Poetry
    Peter Howard reviews Satan is a Mathematician by Keith Allen Daniels.

___ Women Fly In Oregon
    Wendy Taylor Carlisle takes us along to meet Lucille Clifton at Flight of the Mind a yearly writing workshop.

___ International, or Not?
    Pamelyn Casto reveals the amazing diversity among literary sites available on the Net.

___ Why Can't It Be X-MA:
_______ Agamben's Topoi and Spectacle Notes
_______ on the South in Poetry

    Robert Donn on regionalism and poetic language.

___ New Pastorals - A Streetmap
    Tim Love takes a look at the topography of hypertext.

___ Rhyme or Not
    Dan Waber makes a case for a new kind of rhyme.

___Preview Issue
    Poetry by Douglas Barbour, Michael Graber, David Graham, Claudia Grinnell, Steve Harris. Halvard Johnson, Karen Masullo

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