"From South Africa to Spain, Belgium to Denmark, the U.K to Ireland, Chile to the Caribbean ..."

International, or Not?

___researched by Pamelyn Casto

By definition, we could call all electronic magazines 'international' as people from any country with an Internet connection can access them. But lists of recommended links often mention the same sites over and over again. Pam Casto went out in search of electronic lit magazines produced outside the United States, recommended by members of the international writing community. From South Africa to Spain, Belgium to Denmark, the U.K. to Ireland, Chile to the Caribbean, Hawaii to India by way of Australia and New Zealand, and points between, this is what she found. Some sites you'll recognize (Jacket, The Poetry Kit, Lynx: Poetry from Bath, The Animist, The Barcelona Review, The Richmond Review, Southern Ocean Review, The East Village and many more), others represent specific geographic, cultural, or linguistic areas. Together, they'll give you a glimpse of the incredible diversity in poetry and writing available on the web.

Aabye's Baby

AKDA (Philipines)

The Animist (Australia)

The Argotist (U.K.)

The Art Bin Magazine

Australian Writing On-Line

The Barcelona Review


The Capilano Review (Canada)

The Caribbean Writer
(University of the Virgin Islands)

Chapman (Scotland)

Common Places (U.K.)

Divan (Australia)

Dogwood Blossoms

The East Village (USA-Japan Cooperation)

The East Village, Boston 1999

Electronic Acorn (Ireland)

Gallery Zandstraat
(Dutch, English, Spanish, German)

Grain (Canada)

Heat (Australia)

IPM (Internet Poetry Magazine--England)

India World

Ingmar's Gallery (Belgium)



Jacket (Australia)

k e n n i n g: a newsletter of contemporary poetry, poetics & nonfiction writing

Lexicon (United Kingdom)

Limestone (U.K.)

Living Poets

Poetries of Canada

Lynx: Poetry From Bath

Mangrove (Australia)

Manoa: A Pacific Journal
of International Writing

Masthead (Australia)


Niederngasse: The Journal of Winning Poetry (English, German, Spanish)

Overland (Australia)

Oz Poet

Pares cum Paribus (Chile)

Peace and Freedom (United Kingdom)

Pickings (New Hope International)

Poephysics (Poetry in English, Russian, German, and French)

The Poetry Kit (London)

Poetry/Spoken Word: Project X: 1497 - 1997 (Canada)

Psychopetica (United Kingdom)

The Richmond Review (U.K.)

Snakeskin (U.K.)

Sound Eye (Alternative Poetry from Ireland)

Southern Ocean Review (New Zealand)

Stand Magazine

Still (Dedicated to short poetry, haiku,
and similar genres)

Treeline: Canadian Writing on the Net

Trinidadian Letters

Video Tokyo

The Write Stuff (Australia)

Zandstraat Platform Quarterly


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