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This issue of Riding the Meridian is dedicated to the creative vitality of Alaric Sumner. Alaric had planned to join our staff permanently starting with this issue, and it would be fair to say that his enthusiasms and artistic sensibilities continue to inform these pages. Some of Alaric's closest friends and associates have provided works dedicated to him, and Lawrence Upton, Sumner's literary executor, has given us two previously unpublished works.

A survey of web work created by men curated by Marjorie Coverley Luesebrink with Jennifer Ley. Commentary by Jay David Bolter and Stephanie Strickland.

the Work

Literature ... what is happening to literature? Only a year ago, web writers were comfortable calling html-code-intensive works hypertext. But now that term seems lacking, incapable of describing the myriad technical approaches now available and the creative changes which working in a web-specific medium has wrought.

Rather than attempt to classify the work in separate categories -- here is the text, here is the hypertext, here is the concrete poem -- la -- what follows is a kaleidoscopic view of the creative approaches being used today by some of our most innovative writers. This is what we choose to call Lit [art] ure.

___Randy Adams

___Michael Basinski

___Tom Bell

___Charles Bernstein and Susan Bee

___Diane Caney

___M.D. Coverley

___Loss Pequeño Glazier

___Diane Greco

___Jack Kimball

___Amy King

___David Knoebel

___Dan Machlin

___Karen Mac Cormack


___Janet Owen

___Mark Peters

___Carlyle Reedy

___Ernest Slyman

___Alaric Sumner

___Lawrence Upton

___Joel Weishaus

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