" ... mi source kode getz re-wrightten ... "

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by Mez

Mez is a professional net.wurked avatar who [since 1995] has exhibited x-tensively in a net.wurked sphere [e.g CTHEORY's Digital Dirt, Digitarts '96, Experimenta Media Arts, ISEA_97, ARS Electronica_97, trAce, BeeHive Hypermedia, ACOUSTIC.SPACE, Riding the Meridian, fraMe, Pleine-Peau, SIGGRAPH_99, MASSAGE and d>Art 00]. Mez is an author [of the network language system mezangelle], an online lecturer [the latest being at the Arvon Foundation], a regular conference circuit participant [including in 00 the trAce conference Incubation, Pro&Contra in Moscow, the Enlightenment Conference, Netherlands, and Electrohype at Malmo, Sweden] and co-moderator of the Webartery Mailing list. Mez writes for online ezines such as Cybersociology, Switch at the CADRE Institute, the Journal of Media, Meaning, Communication & Culture, and fineArt forum.

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