"The parts are greater than the sum of the whole."

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Little Orphan Anagram

by Charles Bernstein and Susan Bee

Susan Bee is represented by the A.I.R. gallery in New York. Little Orphan Anagram is published by Granary Books, which published Log Rhythms, another collaboration with Charles Bernstein, and will soon be publishing Bed Hangings, a collaboration with Susan Howe. She is coeditor of M/E/A/NI/N/G: An Anthology of Artists's Writings, Theory and Criticism, due out this December from Duke. Charles Bernstein's most recent books include Republics of Reality: 1975 - 1995, poems from Sun & Moon Press and My Way: Speeches and Poems, from the University of Chicago Press, and, as editor, Close Listening: Poetry and the Performed Word (Oxford University Press). He is Director of the Poetics Program at SUNY-Buffalo. His home page: http://epc.buffalo.edu/authors/bernstein.

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