"In trying to choose out of several images already designated 'for Alaric' I become aware that I think thru my work, that for me art is thought. I become in the struggle to stay with it and meet a deadline also aware that my task is now difficult, very hard for me. Alaric was a kind of companion in my work. I feel the loss of his company too deeply to measure. Does that seem an exaggeration? Were he here, he would have the freshest response to this avowal, either laugh merrily, or furrow the genial brow in a thoughtful and kindly approach to such intensity of feeling.

Or perhaps just fix his gaze just above his glasses as in this photo, open his mouth and say .... what ....what ....? ?...."

-- Carlyle Reedy



Last Fragments

for Alaric

Pagefragment Paintings

by Carlyle Reedy

Carlyle Reedy is a poet, performance artist and collagist-painter. She has performed her work at prestigious venues, notably The Royal Court Theatre in London. Early on she worked in unusual arts ventures such as Jim Haynes' Arts Lab, IRAT, Electric Centre (Haarlem, Holland), etc and later at Franklin Furnace (NY), Chisenhale (London). Peter Biddulph Gallery (London) presented her one-woman exhibition in 1986. Recently her work was included in the MOMA exhibition Out of Actions (catalogue published by Thames and Hudson). The Arts Council purchased five collages in 1999. Her poetry has appeared in out of everywhere (RSE), PAJ 61 (Johns Hopkins), Other (Wesleyan Poetry), Etruscan Reader 4. Her collection of poems Obituaries and Celebrations was published by words worth books in 1996.

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