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The Women's Hypertext Gallery -- Carolyn Guertin's excellent new resource guide, now hosted by trAce.

In January, Pif Magazine will be devoting an entire issue to hypertext. Something to look forward to !!


curated by Christy Sheffield Sanford
and Jennifer Ley

    This gathering includes web-specific works of artists and writers from Australia, Germany, France-Holland, and the U.S. Several of the contibutors explore conventions--forms that engage the emotions and popouts that migrate and dance. Others have plumbed the multimedia potential of the medium. Work in the collection favors the interactive and kinetic. To a large extent, this reflects the growing use of dynamic html. The viewer can often play the page, either by unfolding the text--thanks to a show-hide script--or by enlarging the image--courtesy of a Flash-film zoom."

    One thing I especially like about this engaging selection is that the ideas behind the individual pieces open doors to new work. The various techniques and approaches offer inspiration. I think, too, many will be impressed by the poetry, which is textually elegant and intelligent.

    We hope you enjoy this group of web-specific works.

    -- Christy Sheffield Sanford

Annie Abrahams

Diane Caney

M.D. Coverley and Stephanie Strickland

Deena Larsen

Talan Memmott

Reiner Strasser

Dan Waber


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