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To Be Here as Stone Is

M.D. Coverley and Stephanie Strickland

M.D. Coverley is the pen name of Marjorie C. Luesebrink, M.F.A. She has been working in interactive, hypermedia fiction since 1995. Her full-length, CD-ROM hypermedia novel, Califia, is forthcoming from Eastgate Systems. Recent short fiction on the web includes: "Life in the Chocolate Mountains," "Fibonacci's Daughter," "Pao-Lien and the Cave Drgaon, Wu," and "Endless Suburbs."

Stephanie Strickland's full-length hypertext poem, True North, published on disk by Eastgate Systems was awarded a 1998 Salt Hill hypertext prize. True North also won the di Castagnola and Sandeen prizes as a 1997 book from University of Notre Dame Press. Her two other poetry books are The Red Virgin: A Poem of Simone Weil, awarded the 1993 Brittingham Prize from the University of Wisconsin Press, and Give the Body Back, University of Missouri Press.

Strickland's hypertext web poem, "The Ballad of Sand and Harry Soot," made in collaboration with Janet Holmes, received About.com Poetry's Best of the Net award. As a print piece, the Ballad won the 1999 Boston Review Prize selected by Heather McHugh. Her essays on hypertext poetics appear in issues 5, 7 and 9 of the Electronic Book Review.

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