"I want to translate optimum indifference into a scavenger retreat. "

Three Untitled Flash Fictions

Safe, slim silhouettes make faces at the resource dark. A form of evidence secretes from matter soundly. Practice makes palsy. Parsed insecticides work overtime. Are willing to undress arms within arms. I'm practicing repeal of heartache groundlessly on hold in chambers where the repertoires seem folded in situation specificity. We’re in our lives profoundly. Loosely spoken repartee lacks cream and distance. Witty seances douse tiny sparks. The boundaries won't matter past these legal briefs. A recipe for Creole rounds out pictures at an institution. The thought of temporal remains on hold. I mind the shoe-ins always. Am I sure of your affection all the time? Round numbers matter in the meantime. Indebted suitors fill in cracks. Domains like to be fed. Invasive populations douse the little say we gain. As laws have been repealed, ethics are summarized. The mainframe likes to talk about gee-whiz exemplars that we owe. Formaldehyde suppresses natural feeling. These immensities are in our lives and we resent the taken space, the teleprompt, the wide lens, operettas. And continue to be basked in subtle blood. Wanting mainly to be noticed and discussed.

Blunder crosshairs ford the pacifist endurance. Filaments take weave because they close intention. Blast the way of working it. We're here to foster yeast. Could happen. Shoulder after shoulder. It's a freebee. Yank the level to uphold. Our success as a company depends on your success as students. With your eyes closed, arms tied, what is boredom? Palm fronds made into a vat. Let me reinvent. Demise on first. The implication, knowledge equals power. Blessed with same amount of brain cells. Nail gun versus hammer. What do you see? I view the market as a cookbook not on fire. A red flag right away. I want to translate optimum indifference into a scavenger retreat. The lanky lion's butter shares. Rolling like pliable. Look for a pattern. This does not mean squeezing every dime. Let's not make this difficult. Plant life glistens when the water flocks the salt. What other ingredients are included? Discount happens. Motivational endurance (need to go home). Implants decide to say retreat. Thanks, I'm just looking. Closed up to the ablest winter. Street life kisses the left price. If you say yes, the leftist in me walks. Learn how to write, learn how to render. Just incorporate, that's what. A plan, a system, a way.

Science is the gimmick of nonplussed contagion. Who comes to the point of negativity? Must be doing something right. Guys, it works. Just tell me what you think. Mirror what is being done. Community of buyers, sellers. Could not find any in the price range. Could not get to them fast enough. So you're starting small . . . all gravy versus sticker shock. On arrival, new findings lace the skates again. Most of us love fewer of collective offspring. A guarantee the market will be brief and generous. and full of excess cloth. The chemistry, eventually . . . buy, sell, maybe hold. Trapeze, trampoline, ballistics. Value drying on the line, portent as fritter-free. No need to show off. Stop loss breathing down my neck. The basics learn through me. Ability means relate. I have been meaning to elate, equate, assume the smooth things that I know.

Sheila E. Murphy

Sheila E. Murphy has work forthcoming from Potes & Poets Press and Sun & Moon Press. She recently completed 12 years of coordinating the Scottsdale Center for the Arts Poetry Series, which she co-founded. Her home is in Phoenix.

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