"We began with myths and later included actual events."

-- Michael Ondaatje

The continuation of a mission ...

There's nothing worse than a preview of a new literary site that doesn't feature a taste of the kind of writing one can expect to find behind its future glass pages. While we prepare our first issue for publication at the end of June -- 'Nationality or Not', guest edited by Peter Howard -- we hope you'll enjoy the following works.

poem of the other foot
_____by Douglas Barbour

Imitation Staffordshire
_____by Michael Graber

Self-Portrait As Runner Up
_____by David Graham

The Role of Doubt in Modern Day Lifeguarding
_____by Claudia Grinnell

Reading Henry James in Times of Violence
_____by Steve Harris

On the Red Line
_____by Halvard Johnson

A Debt Repaid
_____by Karen Masullo

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