McCoy Pottery from our Personal Collection

If you had a great aunt, you'd hope she'd have an attic filled with American Art Pottery treasures like the ones we've found for you. My Great Aunt Agnes now has three pages devoted to McCoy pottery, a page for Robinson Ransbottom collectors, and a page devoted to holiday specific pottery. And if you're thinking of starting an indoor garden, we have a page of jardinieres and bulb bowls.

With all the fake cookie jars, Uncle Sam Planters, wall pockets and whatnot on Ebay these days, we want you to get all the information you need to build a quality collection, so we've added a section of books and links that can help you stock up on information about art pottery. We don't, however, personally offer appraisals or indentifications, nor do we often purchase pieces we can't see in person.

* When ordering McCoy and other Art Pottery, it's important to remember that certain factory flaws may be present. We've done our best to describe each of Aunt Agnes's offerings to the best of our ability and to offer only the best examples of each design that we can find. When you contact us, we'll place your choice on hold until receiving payment [via PayPal, money order or personal check].

If you go antiquing near us you'll find that our prices are about 30% less (and sometimes 40 to 50% less) than those asked by fine antique stores -- we saw a vase in the same style as one we sold for $65 in Lambertville, NJ priced at twice that last weekend. And, if you'd like to know more about us, click here.

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