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Jennifer Ley
    Just exactly who is the woman behind My Great Aunt Agnes? My name is Jennifer Ley, and I've been involved with pottery since I graduated from art school in the mid-seventies. My own work has been shown at various galleries and exhibits in New York City, Bridgehampton, and Cold Spring Harbor, though I now develop internet art and writing projects. My most recent exhibition was part of the Works and Process Series "Brave New Word" at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. In mid-October, you'll be able find my newest web effort, the amniotic meander, a visual poem featuring vintage dolls which will be auctioned on Ebay to benefit the families of the World Trade Center victims. is a domain I originally developed to publish online poetry and literature -- you can find our registration information by doing a WhoIs search at

    Marksman Design was founded by a dear friend of ours, Robert Cohen. He's been studying craftsman design for years -- and area realtors keep pestering him for the opportunity to resell his home, as the renovation work he and his wife (a well known wardrobe stylist for many major motion pictures) have done there is so astounding.

    You can definitely feel confident shopping at My Great Aunt Agnes. Our account is PayPal verified and all shipments will be insured for their full value with the U.S. Postal Service. If you have any questions at all, you can always find us online, and once you pay for your order, you'll be able to reach us by telephone as well if necessary.

My great aunts' real names were Mame and Leone. They never married, and lived in the same house they grew up in until they were in their late eighties. The two of them were real pistols and they had exquisite taste, so I like to think they're up their looking down at us fondly.

Over time, you'll find more than just art pottery here at My Great Aunt Agnes. Over the years, I've travelled quite a bit, and plan to bring back limited examples of special finds. Last year, that would have meant exotic silk scarves and sarongs from Cambodia and earlier this year, a selection of Portuguese ceramics. But whatever you do find in these pages, you can be sure that it was lovingly hand picked to offer.

    Ceramics from Estremoz with 1940's McCoy

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