A Selection of McCoy Pottery Classics

Most of the McCoy pottery on our web site is pictured on the next three pages. We used to have it grouped by color and style, but thought we'd mix things up a bit for the new year. Bulb bowls and jardinieres each have their own page. And ... as many McCoy people are finding Robinson Ransbottom of interest, we've added an RRPC page, with several items including an impressive floor vase with leaf berry handles, often mistaken for a McCoy.

* Prices on the site are firm -- Site revised 10/20/2007 - I will be adding more pottery in early November -- so sorry for the lack of inventory!! We do not offer email appraisals or identifications of pottery -- you should expect to pay for these services and they should only be done by direct visual inspection.

Each thumbnail links to a much larger, high resolution picture. Use the email link "Order Item number..." in your chosen item's description to reserve your choice.

Unless otherwise noted, our art pottery items have no chips, fleabites, cracks, or hairlines. We'll always supply more pictures if you wish. And if we didn't have what you wanted, or you just want to talk about your latest find? Please sign our guest book -- we'd like to know.

McCoy Vase
  • McCoy Pie Crust Yellow ware Mixing Bowl -- SOLD

    In very good condition - no cracks, nicks or hairlines, just a few manufacturer's flaws (see detail photo). 9 1/2 inches wide, USA on bottom.

    Order Item number PRE 502

McCoy Vase
  • HNH Top 100 Green Handled Yellow Ware Ring Vase -- SOLD

    In very good condition, two glaze misses as pictured -- click on the thumbnail to view a larger picture of the other side.

    Order Item number PRE 508

McCoy Vase
  • McCoy Matte Brown and Green Leaf and Berry Jardiniere -- $ 60.00

    In very good condition, no nicks, chips, hairlines or cracks -- there are some minor mold imperfections on the berries -- click on the thumbnail to view a larger picture of both sides.

    Order Item number PRE 209

McCoy Vase
  • McCoy Matte Blue Leaf Berry Jardiniere -- SOLD

    In excellent condition, just one small glaze imperfection near foot (click on thumbnail pic to view).

    Order Item number PRE 504

McCoy Vase
  • Matte Mauve McCoy Ring and Leaf Vase -- $ 65.00

    In very good condition with just a tiny knob of extra clay on one side -- see see close up. No nicks, chips or cracks.

    Order Item number PRE 601

McCoy Vase
  • McCoy Matte Pastel Shield Mark Jardiniere -- Reduced to $ 75.00

    In very good condition, no nicks, chips, hairlines or cracks -- one small glaze rub and some darkened crazing. 6 1/4 inches tall by 7 1/2 inches wide.

    Order Item number PRE 302

McCoy Vase
  • McCoy 30's Centerpiece -- SOLD

    Has some production roughness on the bottom and a very tiny nick on the decorative neck but beautiful mold detail and glaze application. 10 1/2" long by 6" tall.

    Order Item number PRE 403

McCoy Vase
  • McCoy White Matte Shell Planter -- SOLD

    In very good condition condition, see close ups one tiny flea bite and two small production flaws (blue mark under glaze, darkened pinprick).

    Order Item number PRE 602

McCoy Vase
  • McCoy White Matte Hands of Friendship Flower Holder -- SOLD

    In excellent condition, no nicks, chips, hairlines, post factory flaws.

    Order Item number PRE 143

McCoy Vase
  • Small Brush McCoy Oil Jar -- $ 45.00

    This light olive green gloss oil jar is 4 3/4" tall, marked 711 USA on the bottom. Excellent condition.

    Order Item number BM 101

McCoy Vase
  • McCoy Coral Three Panel Vase-- SOLD

    This is a very heavy vase, manufactured at the same time as the vase below. One side has some glaze color misses, but no other problems at all.

    Order Item number PRE 133

McCoy Vase
  • McCoy Turtle Sprinkler -- SOLD

    In excellent condition except he doesn't sprinkle; price reflects that. Some cold paint still exists as accent.

    Order Item number Pre 202

McCoy Vase
  • 1940's McCoy Green Vase -- SOLD

    This sought after unmarked McCoy vase is in pretty good condition; there are some pin pricks in the glaze and a small old nick on the dry rim. Priced accordingly. Measures 8" tall.

    Order Item number Pre 211

McCoy Vase
  • McCoy 1930's Large Waterlily Flowerpot -- SOLD

    This is a special version of this pot, as the green glaze, which is usually matte, is the onyx green McCoy used during the thirties. This creates a different surface texture on the pot than what you'll normally find. In very good condition with just one small glaze miss on the rim, and a few calcium marks on the saucer which one could probably clean off (click on thumbnail to see detail.) Measures 6 1/2 inches tall by 6 1/2 inches wide at the top.

    Order Item number PRE 142

McCoy Vase
  • McCoy Large Acorn Jardiniere -- SOLD

    Measures 6 3/4" tall by 7 1/2" wide. Very nice glaze application, the green has a lot of variation, which we love in these. No post production flaws, but rough around the bottom unglazed foot.

    Order Item number J 123

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