We bought our first RRPC piece without knowing what it was -- a braided jardiniere listed as McCoy on Ebay. A bit of hunting landed us at the RRPC web site. Robinson Ransbottom is still in the pottery business in Ohio, but they started out as the Ransbottom Pottery company in the late 1800's. One jardineire you've no doubt seen alot if you check out Ebay is the green and brown blended sun burst pattern.

RRPC is responsible for an intriguing collection of pottery, ranging from to the Tionesta Ware vase we've listed below, to mottled Victoria glaze blue and maroon wear, to flower pots, jardinieres and kitchen items, including the ever lovely Girl Watering under Windows Yellow ware bowls. We're in the process of trying to get our paws on as many pieces as possible to start really learning the glazes and significant marks. Much RRPC has a number followed by a /- with USA underneath ... in fact that is probably one of the easiest ways to tell if you've found a piece by RRPC. We also plan to offer some current pieces ... and these will be clearly marked and listed as new RRPC. The company has continued to produce some very nice pottery, much of which gets confused by dealers with historical pieces. If we can help correct that, we'll be happy campers. RRPC also created some very interesting cookie jars, some of which have been copied, and even remarked with the names of other potteries. An example of this is the Cow Jumping Over the Moon jar, which has been reproduced with a Brush McCoy mark. If you see one of those ... run, don't walk, in the other direction. Like the Hull Little Red Riding Hood Jar that is showing up wearing a McCoy mark, these are fakes.

Each thumbnail links to a much larger, high resolution picture. Unless otherwise noted, our pottery has no chips, fleabites, cracks, or hairlines. We'll always supply more pictures if you wish.

Ransbottom Vase
  • Robinson Ransbottom 40's 11" Yellow Ware Bowl -- SOLD

    Page 50 of Sanford's RRPC Guide shows a 1946 catalogue page for this bowl, the 11" version of the 104 pattern set. In excellent condition. Marked USA 104 on the bottom.

    Order Item number RANS 201

Ransbottom Vase
  • Robinson Ransbottom Large Blue Floor Vase with Leaf Berry Handles -- SOLD

    We've seen this vase listed as McCoy on Ebay several times, but it's clearly made by Robinson Ransbottom in the 30's, and is listed in the Skillman's new book on page 111. Manufactured from 1938 - 1948. An impressive 14 1/4" tall and 7 1/2" wide at the top, it is in excellent condition -- no crazing or any other problems. Marked 159/- USA. The thumbnail links to a close up of the handle decoration.

    Order Item number RANS 107

Ransbottom Vase
  • NEW !! -- Robinson Ransbottom 8" Vase-- $85.00

    Produced in 1939 and 1940, this 8" RRPC vase is glazed in the Tionesta Line colors (most came with a green over spray) and marked USA 160/5 on the bottom. In excellent condition.

    Order Item number RANS 202

Ransbottom Vase
  • Robinson Ransbottom Blue Lily Pad Leaf Vase -- SOLD

    In very good condition with only a small bit of minor localized crazing in a few spots on the shoulder and two small factory flaws (click on thumbnail for detail), we were very excited to find this lovely matte blue vase. Manufactured by Robinson Ransbottom in 1937 and '38. Measures a generous 8 1/4 inches tall, and marked 138/ on the bottom.

    Order Item number RANS 101

Ransbottom Vase
  • Smaller Rams Horns Decorated Vase -- SOLD

    Marked 107/- on the bottom, someone thought this might be Hull but the mark uses the Ransbottom system, so we think it's been made by them. A very sweet vase.

    Order Item number RANS 104

Ransbottom Vase
  • Small Maroon Pin Tray with Embossed Flowers -- $ 40.00

    Not marked, but everything about the way this piece was made, including the treatment of the three legs, leads me to believe it is RRPC. Rustically elegant, good for a pin tray.

    Order Item number RANS 105

Ordering Information:

Please use the email link "Order Item number ..." beneath the description of the jardiniere or flowerpot you wish to purchase. Include a billing address [and ship to address if different from billing address] . We will place your choice on hold and will send you an invoice by return email, which you can pay via PayPal, money order or check. Shipping (via priority mail) and insurance will be calculated when you place your order. Estimated shipping and insurance on our jardnieres within the 48 states is anywhere from $10 to $20 depending on where you live from us and how heavy the piece is (some are very heavy). We cannot ship bulbs outside the continental United States.

* When ordering McCoy and other Art Pottery, it's important to remember that certain factory flaws may be RANSsent. We've done our best to describe each of Aunt Agnes's offerings to the best of our ability and to only offer the best examples of each design that we can find.

If you check the book price on most of our offerings, you'll find that our prices are less than those asked by fine antique stores. f you'd like to know more about the woman behind My Great Aunt Agnes, please click here.

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Bulb Bowl

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