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Most of our book links will take you directly to We've found that amazon tends to offer the best prices, including used copies of earlier guides [or if you're really ready to part with them] a place for you to sell yours. We've also included a link to a free trial of new softwear called TIMEblaster -- which was developed for collectors looking to make their Ebay searches much more efficient and thorough.

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McCoy Pottery Collectors Reference and Value Guide

The newest [publication date October 2001] McCoy guide by Bob Hanson, Craig Nissen, Margaret Hanson is excellent and includes many original catalogue pages as well as pieces not listed in the first two guides by these authors.

McCoy Pottery : Collector's Reference & Value Guide

Published in 1999, this is the second book by HNH and features their choices for the top 100 findable pieces of McCoy pottery. One of our favorite reference guides.

Collector's Encyclopedia of McCoy Pottery

This book covers the early periods of McCoy pottery and the transitional period from J.W. McCoy to the Nelson McCoy Sanitary Stoneware Company.

Sanfords'Guide to McCoy Pottery

There are four thousand pieces pictured in this big red book with identification by line name, mold number, year of manufacture, and color ware available.

Sanfords' Guide to Brush-McCoy Pottery

With over 1,400 pieces featured, this is an excellent introduction to Brush McCoy Pottery, including an introduction which helps to clarify the time line whe McCoy and Brush families worked together.

Sanfords Guide to Brush-McCoy Pottery Book-2

The second Brush McCoy Guide features pieces not found in book 1 and many more original catalogue pages. It also includes a pull out price guide.

  • Robinson Ransbottom Pottery

    Still actively producing pottery, RRPC has a long history of producing excellent work -- including a number of jardinieres we've started to feature on our pages. There *is* an RRPC book, but you need to contact Larry Skillman at RRPC to get a copy. Please tell him hello from us !!

  • McCoy Cookie Jar Online Reference

    So many Ebay sellers are listing fake McCoy cookie jars, we thought we'd provide this online reference to jars actually produced by the McCoy company. Below, you'll find links to reproduction information online about McCoy jars.

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