Editor's Note:

The second issue of Perihelion features the internet debut of new poems by twelve distinguished authors, including a special chapbook sized collection of work by James Madison Walker.


Some of the poets in this issue have added Real Audio files, which you'll find in the sidebar on their individual pages. If you need a copy of RealAudio you can get one here.



Volume One,
Issue One


   Moshe Benarroch

    Moshe Benarroch was born in 1959 in Tetuan/Morocco, between Tangier and Gibraltar. He grew up in a mixture of cultures and languages, Spanish being his mother tongue, attending a French school, hearing the Arabic of the streets and praying in Hebrew. In 1972 he emigrated to Israel, and lives since then in Jerusalem.

   Robert James Berry

    Robert is a Londoner, currently living and working on Penang Island, in West Malaysia. He lectures in English Language & Literature at the University of Science in Penang, and has had a number of poems published in the States, England, Malaysia and New Zealand.

   Janet I. Buck

    Janet Buck teaches composition and literature in Southern Oregon. Much of her poetry revolves around issues related to her disability and the convoluted threads of self-image. Writing, for her, is a "tuba in a long parade that chases pain and sorrow to its dissolution."

   Carrie Cerri

    Carrie lives in Baltimore with her husband, poet/musician Jack Marion, their two children and fourteen pets. Since she started writing last year, she rarely sees them.

   Richard Fein

    A teacher who is close to early retirement, Richard hopes he will have more time to write when he does. He has tried both formal and free verse poetry, but prefers free verse. "There is too much sacrifice of content when I try the various poetic schemes. They appear arbitrary and are very restrictive."

   Steve Harris

    Steve Harris is a paralegal who lives in Alexandria, Virginia, with his wife Sondra, and their boys, Zach and Luke. He writes often on the tensions, and paradoxes, that exist between Faith and History.

   Kim Hodges

    Co-founder of A Small Garlic Press and the poetry magazine Agnieszka's Dowry, Kim is an active participant in various online poetry groups, including rec.arts.poems. When she can get her head above the flood of email, she can be found at poetry events in the Portland, OR area, and is a regular at readings at Cafe Lena.

   James Brian Livingstone

    James is a medical doctor, a black belt in karate, and a tournament chess player who writes poetry "for the joy and personal development that's offered by a love for this demanding craft."
   Anne Perrella

    Born in Richmond VA in 1958, Anne is the oldest daughter of a Navy fighter pilot and an Irish nurse. She works part time as a technical writer for a medical glove manufacturer in southern New Hampshire, grows cold-hardy and old-garden roses, tries to keep her kids' schedules straight, and keeps up a voluminous email correspondence with two sisters. Her brother has yet to go online...
   Doug Tanoury

    Doug Tanoury grew up in Detroit and still lives in the area with his wife and three children. He works as a consultant for a Chicago based company. Doug's favorite summer pastime is to nap in his backyard hammock. His summer projects not yet begun are: learning to play piano and studying french.
   James Madison Walker

    Conceived in Kentucky 1976, raised in central Mississippi, James was educated at "excrutiating pain to fourth through twelfth grade instructors." He graduates in December with a degree in 'English' from the University of Southern Mississippi and intends to teach English as a foreign language in the Peace Corps sometime in 1999.
   Shari Diane Willadson

    Shari Diane Willadson lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and her seventeen-year-old daughter. She writes as a profession and spends her spare time training bonsai, gardening, and recently, raising an abandoned baby grey squirrel. She frequently embarrasses her husband by wearing leopard print hats and feather boas in public and believes that poetry "should give the reader a vivid look through the eyes of the poet, leaving behind a thoughtful aftertaste."
   Francine Witte

    Francine Witte lives in New York City. She is a creative writing teacher who has been writing poetry for about 13 years. She also writes plays and short fiction. She spends most of her free time frequenting readings on the New York City poetry scene.