Editor's Note

Welcome to Perihelion

On line poetry
at perigee.

Let the friction
begin ...


The first issue of Perihelion features the internet debut of new poems by six distinguished authors:



   Arlene Ang

    Arlene lives in Manila, Philippines, where she is a freelance writer and translator. Her published work runs the gamut from morbid short stories to articles on soccer and artist biographies.

   Wendy Carlisle

    Wendy is a writer who lives with her husband, David, in East Texas. She has been a songwriter, band manager, bar-owner, historian and editor; poetry is her first love.

   C.E. Chaffin

    A family doctor who has written poetry since childhood, Craig favors "*logopoetry,* or intelligible poetry -- a poetry that favors meaning over technique, comprehension over an 'experience' of language.

   Jeannette Harris

    Raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Jeannette Harris created and publishes the electronic magazine "An Appalachian Country Rag" from Jonesborough, TN. In addition to poetry, she writes short stories and topical articles, and works as a programmer.

   Scott Murphy

    A computer programmer living in Denver, Scott was born in central Montana, and like all expatriate Montanans, hopes one day to live there again.

   Neca Stoller

    Born, raised and educated in Georgia, Neca began writing poetry five years ago when her family moved from a metropolitan area to the country, where she is now the owner-manager of a cattle farm.