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"Every moment should have icing and when they remember you, every thought should be salty."

"The tang. The red. The sweat. Who hasn't wanted fruit as it labors?"

"This was a woman who counted calories like aspirin, taken one by one on an empty stomach."

"The weight of the load causes wind drag on the body. Open the window."

Published Work

by Jennifer Poteet

Meet the Family   THE VOICE,

Barbara, Meet the Family and In Absentia in MentressMoon

Found   Pierian Springs

The Innocence Mission   Pierian Springs

The Lap Dance   Samsara Quarterly

Hymns we Forgot the Words to   Artemis Journal

Sexy, Texas   Artemis Journal

Judges:12 and Bryant Park in August   AzaleaPlush

The Infraction of Light    Sand to Glass

The Choicest Flowers    Sand to Glass

Revisited   Sand to Glass

Hotel by a Railroad     Comrades

Numbers Game     2River View

A Bloody Evening on the Thames     2River View

Hymns We Forgot the Words To     Wilmington Blues

Where you've Been    Stirring

MH     Stirring

In the Garden     Conspire

Medusa at Midday    The Melic Review

Living Thin     The Melic Review

I'm Not Bitter    Red River Review

The Whole She Bang    The Astrophysicist's Tango Partner Speaks

The Parts that were Ripped out of the Book     The Eclipse

Sauce     Poet's Canvas

Western Guns    Poet's Canvas

Useless on Jeopardy!

Long Island     Atomic Petals

Miss Yung     Atomic Petals

Doctor's Log     Atomic Petals

Act II and Spring Sunday

Poodle     3rd Muse Poetry Journal

Couplets for Quentin Crisp     Pierian Springs

Desire and Inspiration at 2:40 a.m and Catering     The Absinthe Literary Review

Roadmaps upon Embracing     The Adirondack Review

Another Dead End     Poems Niederngasse

Numbers Game, Desire and Inspiration at 2:40 a.m., and Sex, Lies, Advertising and Food     Poetry Superhighway

Kitchen Table: Still Life and Gas, Food, Longing    Thunder Sandwich

Gas, Food, Longing    Samsara Quarterly

Life from now on should be Raisin Pie   Samsara Quarterly