Giovanni Bellini

The Whole She Bang

There are theories behind this.
Ptolemy knew, for instance,
around which what revolves,
but I want none of that now.
I'll just enjoy this view with you,
the result of eons of evolution.

Nothing is eclipsed;
The sky is so clear
from where we stand here in the street.
Do you see that brilliant star?
It has the rest of our days
charted upon it-more than a wish.

9 out of 10 astrophysicists agree
that no one knows what's ahead-no matter.
Let's pick out the constellations
as we plot our way home in the dark.
All I know is, our laughter is heavenly
under the moon's grin,
and that we are as integral and as insignificant
under the planets
as quark.

Jennifer Poteet

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