Real Estate Consultant Prominent Properties Sotheby's International Realty, Montclair, New Jersey

Of Ley's writing and hypertext work:

"What Ley creates establishes her as an integral force in 21st century arts and letters, whether in print media or on the Net ... her work ... carries the authority concomitant with brilliance."

-- Kay Day, Poetry Editor for

"She speaks the tongue of the goddess. Her gift to us is celebratory in nature and one of promise"

-- Georgia Gibbs, in Salon DAarte

"... a wonderful job of respecting the medium of the web to create something that could not be done in a book ... this is the sort of interactive art experience that I believe is perfect for the web, and for maximizing its potential to provide entertaining education to the entire world."

-- Mark Harden, the Artchive

"... perhaps we could call this "netcessary" literature."

-- Jessy Randall

Of her online magazines:

"With graphics that evoke a New Tarot, poems that tend towards scientific vocabulary, and links that are whimsical and potent ("black pumps" bumped me from poem to poem in a blink of a Bataille eye), editor Jennifer Ley seems deadly serious in catalyzing a bravura cyberpoetics -- and having a ton o' fun in the process ..."

-- Bob Holman, Poetry Guide at

Professional Associations:

Member - Literary Advisory Board for the Electronic Literature Organization

Jennifer T. Ley

Real Estate Consultant, Sales (2002 - Present)

Hypermedia Publications/Web Design (1996 - 2006)

Hypermedia Projects, Essays, Articles, Appearances:

New Media Poetics : Contexts, Technotexts, and Theories (Leonardo Books) Edited by Adalaide Morris and Thomas Swiss. Contributor -- forthcoming 2006

[NetBehaviour] RESIDENCY: seventeen of 24 artist interfaces
with Jason Nelson, 2005

Cultures In Webs: Working in Hypermedia With The Documentary Image by Roderick Coover. Reviewed by Jennifer Ley, Summer 2003 in NMEDIAC

The Electronic World is Round -- There is No Digital Edge. Book Review published in the July/August issue of American Book Review -- 2003.

New Media Poetry, Aesthetics, Institutions and Audiences. Conference at the University of Iowa -- October 2002.

The Living Web -- a Festival of Literature and Music featuring Sven Birkerts, Jennifer Ley, Laura Toje, Jed Allen and Joy Harjo among others -- October 2002.

Murmur. September 2002 at -- poetry from Canada and Abroad [we love being from abroad !!]

Contortions Fictive Net. A perspective on net porn, published as part of a project organized by Fictive Net. Premiered December 11th, 2001 online and at the Point Gallery in NYC.

the amniotic meander Blue Moon Review -- Hypermedia, November 2001 [Props used to create the art work in this piece will be auctioned off starting November 15th on Ebay to benefit the the September 11th Children's Fund, one of the funds in Ebay's charitable Auction for America. Direct auction link click here.

War Games -- Catch the Land Mine !! BeeHive Volume 4: Number 2, June 2001 and at II Interpoetry Exhibition, held at the Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, October 2001.

Chickenalia -- Musings on Menopause.
Deluxe Rubber Chicken, May 2001 at EPC.

Ex[re]pression -- Who Speaks for the People, at as part of the D2K Image Event, November 2000. Forthcoming in the French cd/rom magazine, DOCK(S), 2001.

The Birth of Detachment: A Postmodern Art History Meditation -- hypermedia published by Iowa Review Web (Requires Netscape 4.0) Limited edition paper version from PaperBrain Press.

Incubation in the Digital Lascaux
Created for the Ink.ubation Salon curated by Mark Amerika, sponsored by trAce online writing community, July 2000.

Under the O, 2000
Created for Christy Sheffield Sanford and trAce

In the Footsteps of the Father in Cauldron & Net

Fool's Gold
at EPC in Poems for April

Daddy Liked His With Heart - frAme4 - Love in the Digital Revolution - curated by Christy Sheffield Sanford, February 2000; also in the Artist's Gallery at SIGGRAPH 2000, INFOS 2000 and Works and Process at the Guggenheim Museum, June 2001, sponsored by American Letters & Commentary.

Home is Where the Heart(h) Is - the Valentine Files, curated by David Knoebel at EPC, February 2000.

On Gold and Silver Ages and the Elements of Hypertext -- an essay published by Pif Magazine, January 2000.

The Body Politic - included in the web anthology, My Millennium, curated by Christy Sheffield Sanford and hosted by the trAce Online Writing Community, July 1999. Digital Arts and Culture, Artists Salon, sponsored by Georgia Tech, October 1999. Cauldron & Net, November 1999.

Light is Silent - featured at the Australian web and cd/rom magazine the Animist; archived by the Australian National Library, February 1999.

Talking Hands - featured at the online magazine Conspire, November 1998.

Sky Ship - featured at Snakeskin, an online magazine based in the UK, October 1998.

Work in Progress

the beginning of a meditation on boundaries

This Is Not A Book

Freedom and Confinement in the Victorian Age An Electronic Chapbook

Editor/Web Designer (1996 - 2002)

4 oz. more than 12 oz. brands Web site design for poet Jennifer Poteet

Riding the Meridian - Online poetry magazine devoted to promoting new electronic literature. Launched May 1999.

The Astrophysicist's Tango Partner Speaks - A Hypertext poetry and graphics site featuring work by over 100 poets. Launched September 1996.

Creator, Co-Founder and First Editor of Perihelion

Hosted by WebDelSol. Launched July 1998. First year archives and a copy of Ms. Ley's agreement with WDS, which has not been honored by WDS.

Poetry (1995 - 2001)


Nominated for two Pushcart Awards in 1998, a sampling of literary magazines and websites that have included Ms. Ley's poetry include: Rattapallax, Agnieszka's Dowry, Salt River Review, Terrain, Octavo, Tintern Abbey, the Poetry Calendar, Pif, Beehive, Mobius, Conspire, Recursive Angel, Gravity, 2River View, Lynx: Poetry from Bath, Salonika, Moveo Angelus, Grist, The Melic Review, Zero City and, where she was the featured poet in August 1998. Her text work is anthologized on the Internet at Poetry Cafe

Print Anthologies:

Silhouettes on the Electric Sky, Will Work for Peace, Athens Avenue.

Arts and Environmental Publishing (1990 - 1995)

Executive Director/Editor:

Crayon Power, a not-for-profit environmental education organization produced a nationally distributed activity journal used by elementary and middle school students. Each issue included illustrated pull-out letter pages published to raise environmental awareness, created by a rotating group of artists and illustrators including: Caroline Burton, Barbara Henry, Salem Krieger, Bryan Perrin.

Endorsed by: the United Nations Environment Programme, Scholastic, Inc., the Rainforest Alliance and Rainforest Action Network, among many other environmental, educational and human rights organizations.

Funded by: Aveda's Give to the Earth Foundation, PSE & G, the Puffin Foundation, Human-i-Tees, the United Methodist Church, and the Loretto Community.

Paintings and Performance Art -- Representative Exhibitions (1982 - 1999)

Online Work:

The Diary of Ms. Hair at Agnieska's Dowry

To illustrate Marek Lugowski's poetry
at the
Astrophysicist's Tango Partner Speaks

To illustrate Neca Stoller's poem
at the Astrophysicist's Tango Partner Speaks

To illustrate a poem by Dennis Gaughan
at the Astrophysicist's Tango Partner Speaks

To illustrate a poem by Jim Gove
at the Astrophysicist's Tango Partner Speaks

One Person Shows:

Civilisation, New York City
Greenwich House Pottery, New York City

Selected Group Shows:

Incorporated, New York City
8th Annual Small Works Show at NYU, curated by Carroll Janis
Inroads Gallery, curated by Gracie Mansion, New York City
White Columns, New York City
Club 57, New York City
Elaine Benson Gallery, Bridgehampton, New York
The Power of Women, curated by Cooper Gallery at Grace Church, Jersey City, NJ
Angels, curated by Cooper Gallery at Grace Church, Jersey City, NJ

Scholarships and Awards

Parsons School of Design - Work Fellowship
Greenwich House Pottery - Madeleine Sadin Award
Lower Manhattan Cultural Council - Stipend


B.S. Art Education, studio concentration in ceramics and photography, (graduated magna cum laude) - University of Wisconsin Stout 1975
Film Production - NYU Continuing Education 1978-79
Post Graduate Ceramics - Parsons School of Design 1985 - 1989
Post Graduate Oil Painting - School of Visual Arts with Susan Hall 1989