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Judy Chicago's
original masterpiece, The Dinner Party (1974-1979), is a landmark work of art honoring the history of women.   Judy Chicago used traditional crafts (needlework and china-painting) in a fascinating installation that revolutionized our thinking about women in the arts.  

Her leadership, courage, and determination continue to inspire us. 

Through the Flower,
a membership-based non-profit arts organization, whose mission is to create a cultural legacy based upon the vision embodied in the work of Judy Chicago
through education, exhibition, and preservation,
is a primary source for information on and exhibition of  projects such as Womanhouse, Birth Project, Powerplay, and The Holocaust Project

One of the primary goals of Through the Flower is to facilitate the permanent housing and exhibition of "The
Dinner Party" which, after touring around the world and being viewed by over one million people, remains in storage. 

We urge you to visit the site, revisit the images of Judy Chicago's work, read the essay "Let's Save the Dinner Party" by Barbara Louise, and join in this important effort.  We, women and men, are all, of course, "standing on the shoulders" of artists like Judy Chicago who illuminate new  horizons of artistic endeavor.  

Marjorie Coverley Luesebrink,
Carolyn Guertin, and Jennifer Ley


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