"These poems weren't made for the Web. Since they are just as much sound poems as visual poems, the audio track isn't any more accompanying to the scanned image than vice versa. They go together.

RaIs Art of Fire and New York Sour Cream

by Wendy Kramer

The following poems are collage objects to be listened to, looked at, and read. They are mounted on the Web as sample audio tracks read by Wendy Kramer, scanned images of the objects, and sample videos.

The audio track is one reading out of infinitely many possible readings, depending on the perception & timing of any given reader at any given reading. Each scanned image is one perspective of an entire object."

-- Wendy Kramer

RaIs Art of Fire -- Audio

New York Sour Cream -- Audio
Wendy Kramer has been making collage poems for a handful of years. Most recently, she has been making and performing "corrugated love poems," which are made out of corrugated cardboard & assorted materials. Her work appears in essex, Chain, Cartograffiti, Open Letter, and the gallery of the epc electronic poetry center. She lives in Brooklyn and works in Manhattan as a librarian.

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