"Designate me to miss significant exits ..."


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Ms. Saye


Sherry Saye reads "My legs, Atlantic strong"

Sherry Saye

The Dance of Answers

It is a secret why the birds weave in a perfect purpose
tracing life in less than an inch
they all turn
shrinking inward to something larger leaking
light to glorious
light on an earth of answers,
how everyone must travel,
even if confused and quickly through.
Let them be,
the one hundred tiny birds landing and dancing in the grass.

My legs, Atlantic strong

My legs, Atlantic strong, carried me
crab-like across the boulder mouth of the Merrimack
to the merciless endpoint.
The men laughed
in wild, boyish pugnacity.
Suddenly, we were all and one in a wave
rescuing each other, showing blood in a panic.
Zigzag pant tramping back
with eyes alive, swearing personal power --
it was a must we suck shellfish, slam beers
in the sunstruck red of high cheekbones in a circle.

Needle the Wind

If you ride with me,
I get lost.
You'll end up drumming
fingers on the roof
out the rolled-down window
of free hair.
Oh, come along, honey.
Hurry, take the wrong turn,
wake up drunk and groping
on the hood of a flaming blue ouzo.
Okay? Designate me
to miss significant exits
tromp forward in momentum
rush ways of speed
race in a calm red
needle the wind
pierce limits
palms up, you'll mouth
from the pedal.