Perigee - the point in a celestial body's orbit when it is closest to the earth (or sun or to another planet) - seemed an apt metaphor as awareness of each of the sites/individuals chosen is perceived by Perihelion to be essential for any poet entering the universe of online poetry.

Awarded by Perihelion

Perigee Awards Spring 1999 -
Awarded April 1st
to Celebrate National Poetry Month

- For Literary Quality, Design and Recommended Resources:

     Editor, Miguel Lamiel

- For Innovative Multi Media Presentation:

      Jenny Weight's "Rice"

- For Promoting and Producing Quality Print Published Books by Poets and Artists:

     Steven Clay of Granary Books

- For Service to the Online Literary Community:

     trAce Online Writing Community

Perigee Awards Fall 1998, awarded by Perihelion and Web Del Sol

- Best Online Literary Magazine produced by a university student:

     Editor, C.K. Tower

- Best Moderated BBS Poetry Forum:

     The Gazebo

- Best New Poetry Concept Site:

     The Periodic Table of Poetry

- Best New Online Editorial Presence:

     Jamie Wasserman
     Co-Founder of The Melic Review
     Editor of Octavo

- Best Resource for Writers:

     Word of the Day