A Note on Fonts
and Navigating through Perihelion

When we designed the site, we remembered an article on ergonomic font computer settings we read two years ago, wherein net surfers who did alot of reading on the Web were advised to change the font settings in their browsers to 14pt (or in the new dumbed-down language of IEspeak: larger) in order to ease eye strain. So if the fonts in Perihelion look small to you - open up your preferences file, go to fonts, and increase the sizes you'll find there to those given above. With so many people using alternate font preferences, monitors and browsers -- the size we used was the best compromise we could find to make sure we honored the poets' line breaks.

If you ever open a page and DON'T get a right side scroll bar to view items further down the page -- all you have to do is resize your page a bit wider. But if this is happening to alot of you, we want to know so please, let us know. Make sure you tell us what browser and version you are using, and whether you're using a Mac or a PC.

If you've gotten to this file, you've figured out there is more information hidden under the symbol-like buttons on the right of the home page. We could have spelled it out but ... print clues do appear in the bottom scroll bar area of most browsers, and we didn't want to clutter up the front page with more type.

If you get lost -- the picture of the little girl is a link -- and she'll be happy to take you home.

All said - we've tried to come up with a design that showcases the poetry and writing, and allows us a sidebar for relevant information. Comments are always welcome.