"... with a hard pouty gerund errant errand parted in a foray foyer o yea ..."


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Adeena Karasick


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Adeena Karasick

Quelle sputum

Quelle Sputum or
And say, why dontícha try it with words.


In a witty "ditty dawnís up". a sassy
sassy says so.

a glossalallic dollop wallop as her hot tongue suck salve

In the clamour of the surplus.
In a lurid body of desire.

So, shake shake shake it up baby
with a hard pouty gerund errant errand parted in a foray foyer o yea.

In the hesitant gait of
yr trembling, in the range of


yr reference / wrenched in the hem
of the haw. In the hello
of the hollow


in uvular forego ergo.


And sing: rockabye, rockabye baby.

As yr pixilate fixates
as petty felching fret fatigue
And i say:


as daylight come aní i wanna go
where no glib regret garment guarantees

a propaedeutic hermeneutic
in the iffy spiff sputum spluge.


Ďcause hey baby, baby


wontcha flange now,
in anxious indices axes
with a umbilicus abacus kiss

Stroll-it up, get it out ready steady set


Do you know the way to say
plush flushing
swaddled in a stable labial able
pump gumption sump

So, hush little baby donít you cry
mamaís gonna bake you
a desquamation pie

and if that hypostasis donít sing
mammaís gonna make you
a codicil docile
with a muster fluster plausal spastic thrash.


So, donít you be cryiní over spilled
lexical sects as
social surrogates surrenders in

a dosey doe dulcet
mucilage fuselage
silica sift duplicate.

In the trajectory of a grammar
dislocated in

a lexical echo
in an excusary ruse
or lucky lucre ludic clues.


So, say hey baby, yo baby,
wontícha be my, be my


aberrate bouillon. bellow bigelow
bill-ya belly volley. volét.
villa ballet bélbaios. Bouillabaisse.


And, why donít you Ė
check [it] out cheeky chow out chicken shit chiller in a chintzy chit chat choke up. Chopper chow. And clamp down yr classy ass
in a hoedown, hoo-ha kick-up knock down, drag-out
ruckus rumple rumpus calliope trope elope

In the irresistible wave of yr welling.

or in the dissimulated secret of
yr restant flaunt. flambé.
mamby pamby ambient mycelium

sally swell solely
slain in the interest of
obscurity. In the surge of yr


promissory sorry
with yr parasol pinesol
consul insole consulate tonsil

So, donít you be giviní me none of that
insipid sepia slip

in the fracked up you suck, shucks.
gelato glottal waddle
sierra tiara triest tryst.


As absences explode into the anguish of the expected.

In the nuance of a fluent soothe
excluded in the margins of


lenguata mutata


in an omphalos floosey sluice sallies in
calor galore allure
in a no-frills frothy slop freesay


So, if you go out into the words today,
youíre in for a big


boondocker clodhopper wafflestomper
In a tress of production; a

agog spigot abegna
bag it frigget / fidget
widget traject gadget
genetic etic mimetic functive dunk
as a pas de pas parted in

anamnesis, mimesis, noesis,


[sic] iliac echolocate loci.