Work by Lawrence Upton

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Lawrence Upton is a maker of poetry of many kinds from the linear-verbal to non-verbal visual texts.

His recent publications of visual poetry include Sta! (housepress, Canada, 1999), House (housepress, 1999), Easy Kill (Writers Forum, UK, 1998) and Triptych (WF, 1997).

His linear poetry includes Letters to Eric Mottram and some postcards (Form Books, UK, 1997) and Unsent Letters (WF, 1997) and Messages to silence (WF, 1995). huming / queuing is to be published by Writers Forum and Wire Sculptures by Reality Street Editions, UK.

His poetry has appeared recently in And, Core, Flim, Gravity, Mind Fire, Onyx, Performing Arts Journal, Poetry New York, POTEPOETTEXT, POTEPOETZINE and A room without walls; and is due to appear in Rampike and Words Worth.

Pages magazine published Regarding Maggie O'Sullivan's Poetry (Liverpool, UK, 1998); and he co-edited, with Bob Cobbing, Word Score Utterance Choreography in verbal and visual poetry (WF, 1998), a major consideration of the performance of visual poetry.

Upton has engaged in extensive collaborative work. With Bob Cobbing, he has made Collaborations for Peter Finch (WF, 1997) and the 300 booklet series Domestic Ambient Noise, which is being published serially (1994 - 2000) by Writers Forum.

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