"... I built the fantasy and I became the fantasy ..."

-- Sue Thomas

Sue recommends these online literary links.

This piece was based on Sue Thomas's book, Correspondence. You can purchase it through trAce.


by Sue Thomas

Sue Thomas writes from inside the screen about those fleshless environs where so many of us live these days. Her books include Correspondence, Water, and Wild Women. Recent online work includes Lines, part of the Lux website -- a collection of notes for an electronic writing curated by Teri Hoskin and Imagining A Stone, connections with the work of Andy Goldsworthy. She is working with the Doo Cot Theatre Company on Outer Body, a series of performances around notions of newness and re-making. Sue is Artistic Director of the trAce Online Writing Community and lives in Leicestershire, England. Her specialisms include ambiguity, androids, and artlessness. (See recommended links for all urls.)

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