"Yes, it's poetry. Look out you don't get it full of dirt."

-- Eugene O'Neill

Theory Articles for Sound/Text

Domestic Ambient Noise/Moise

______cris cheek

Traces of a Performance

______Petra Kuppers

Carnivocal, a Review

______Alaric Sumner

Utterance and notation of poetry

______Lawrence Upton

Note: Lawrence Upton has created a theoretical investigation (which requires the use of IE 4.0 or above) in which are embedded a number of poems. We have therefore provided links to this work from both the Sound/Text writing section and the Theory.

Theory Articles for Hypertext


______miekal and

So You Thought You Understood Hypertext?

______Jennifer Ley

Theory Articles for Text Poetry

Expanding our Vision

______Lily Iona MacKenzie

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