"cause of death not disclosed"

songs & shadows from the past

ringing out from our blue heavens
solwandle ngudle, suicide by hanging
from our deep seas breaking round
bellington mampe, cause of death not disclosed
over everlasting mountains
james tyita, suicide by hanging
where the echoing crags resound
suliman salojee; jumped from 7th floor window
calls the spirit of our country
ngeni gaga, natural causes
of the land that gave us birth
pongoloshe hoye, natural causes
in the golden warmth of summer
hangula shonyeka, suicide
in the chill of winter's air
leong pin, suicide by hanging
in the surging life of springtime
ah yan, suicide by hanging
in the autumn of despair
alpheus maliba, suicide by hanging
we are thine
and we shall stand
alfred makaleng, cause of death not disclosed
at they will to live or perish
o south africa, dear land
repeat chorus to fade.....

Clinton V du Plessis

Clinton V du Plessis was born in 1963 in Cookhouse in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa.He had poetry and short stories published in a number of local and foreign literary journals.He mainly writes in Afrikaans, but does write the occasional English poem. He has published four collections of poetry and one collection of short stories.

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