Domestic Ambient Noise/Moise


1 Furst Fruts uv 77, Lawrence Upton and Bob Cobbing (Writers Forum, 1977)

2 Variations 2: A London compilation edited by Clive Graham (Paradigm Disks PD 05, UK, 1998)

3 The Klinker is a London performance series run by Hugh Metcalfe.

4 In "Biblioklast! Bob Cobbing: text: book: performance" by Robert Sheppard included in Artist's Book Yearbook 1996 -97, edited by Tanya Peixoto, John Bently, Stephanie Brown; Magpie Press; ISBN 0 952 3880 6 5 ISSN 1355 0187.

5 The Last Man's Song is a text sound composition made and presented at Fylkingen in Stockholm in 1977.

6 V.I. is a performance series, in London, run by Mike Diss, A W Kindness and others. It presents music, music and poetry, and poetry. It started its life as "Vertical Images", publishing a yearly journal of the same name. Now, however, it is called V.I. and users are encouraged to supply their own expansions when they refer to it e.g. Vegetable Intransigence, Venal Igloo.

7 jgjgjg was a performance group, the founder/core members of which were cris cheek, P C Fencott and Lawrence Upton; it first performed at the Sound Poetry Festival in London in 1976 and had disbanded by the time of the Toronto Sound Poetry Festival in 1978. jgjgjg performed in, in alphabetical order, Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Stockholm, Swansea, each performance being quite different to the others, never repeated. Audio Tapes were published by Balsam Flex / Typical Characteristics (edited by Erik Vonna-Michell).