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miekal and

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miekal and is the author of such forgotten underground visual-verbal classics as "BABBALLY: The Destruction of Mindfuck Diplomacy" (1990, Burning Press, Cleveland), "No Moon, Dante" (1987, Xexoxial Editions, Madison, WI) & many other titles distributed by Xexoxial. •Literature Nation, a collaborative hypertext with Maria Damon is currently travelling in the show "Contact Zones: The art of the CD-Rom". •Thirty Samples for Orchestra, an interactive audio toy is soon to appear on the new cd-rom from Leonardo Music Journal. Future works are increasingly focused toward strategies for international online collaborations which use visual/verbal vocabularies to replace English as the means of exchange. And divides his time between raising his son, being glued to the computer & growing epic wilderness at Dreamtime Village, a hypermedia permaculture community in southwestern Wisconsin.

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