"from the place to which it belongs"

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army boots for TwoLeftFeet

Because I have my own particular tree
to tend
and though it may be growing upside down
I'm going to climb to the roots
in my own peculiar way.

-- James Broughton

"the past is inevitable" TwoLeftFeet prophecy he goes
on in our memory because he said this

recall at the cost of commonsense a past landscaped
with people Indians beheaded for surviving their bodies
gouged of any ancestor flesh skulls for the Smithsonian
naming Modoc dreams "Oh Kumush carry my bones down
the mountain you backpack the basket deathfull of

an Indian pony tethered to a mountain nervous & hoof
pawing gravel in time tule reeds grow up around
the pony becomes stronger

the mountain becomes a tree a mountain ash sapling
a length of throng roping the tree & the pony bridled
many women long black hair wind to their back scratching
together seed flour for bannock

TwoLeftFeet of the imagination walking journey of the
root vision quest

the raggedy man music

to make an unfavorable report; to complain, to speak against:
the chief complained that the rails had been stolen again
by the Klamath Lake Indians, to exchange goods; to follow the
bartering trade: ("to exhibit to each other") jewsharp; music
(produced on instruments of every description: piano, cornet,
panflute, flute, drum) to drop, let fall, love; to love something
from a set or from the place to which it belongs, (as buttons
from a dress, beads or rings from the body) brush lodge. to bet,
to make bets to stake for a bet: they made various bets, stake
or stakes of a bet; game-stake, to receive back by exchanging
for other articles; to reobtain by bartering or by payment of
money, to become rusty, to rust: iron gets rusty; rusty, full
of rust; slay, murder; two men were killed, to show to exhibit,
to let see: I will let you see; he showed him that he had
written, to show itself, to appear. wild-fire, Jack's lantern;
("what shows itself") large whole apron (buttoned on back) to
rust, to become rusty. cushion of chair. top (as a plaything)
to live as man and wife, to consort, to live in concubinage.

the raggedy man love

to blow, to blow off, to blow down upon, to shake, tremble,
to write, struggle, wriggle. to blow continually: said of
birds, winds, I the wind am blowing in the distance, I
am on the point of blowing, little chipmunk, Tamias quadrivittatus.
rainbow: double rainbow. hill range, mountain ridge. to wind
around, to wish, desire, to be fond of; to love a person
of the opposite sex: & you rattle around because you love
(me), wide-meshed scoop-net, (used also by fishing Indians
as a dragnet on their canoes; the hoop has a diameter from
2 to 3 feet, the handle is about 5 feet long:) they abstract
his scoop net, I catch fish with the drag-net to manufacture
witcholash scoop-net. to fish with this net, (witatchpai, species
of lacustine grass or tule-bullrush, the edible bulb of which
is kalsh) to like, to be fond of. to love a person of the opposite
sex, to allow, permit. tempest, storm, (stormy and
rainy weather. The swan can make tempest at will, also the
snow-goose) this is the storm which I have produced (by my
song) it is stormy weather, (it is snowing or raining and
blowing at the same time).

miekal and

miekal and is a longtime DIY cultural anarchist & the creator of 20 years worth of visual-verbal lit, audio-art, performance ritual & hypermedia for the Macintosh, distributed by Xexoxial Editions He has made his home at Dreamtime Village, a hypermedia/permaculture village project, located in the driftless bioregion of southwestern Wisconsin. His hypermedia works reside at Qazingulaza . He also devotes much time to creating edible wilderness indoors & out, growing such things as figs, citrus, cherries, grapes & chestnuts.

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