"... be the landlord and reload if subsoil wells ..."

-- Christine Kennedy

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4 Entries from The Encyclopaedia of Natural Sexual Relations

by Christine Kennedy

The 4 Entries are part of a series of 12 which will make a new text work called The Encyclopaedia of Natural Sexual Relations. These text works are derived from cut-up procedures using fragments of old gardening books, exploring the theme of sexuality, nature and culture in the metaphor of the garden and gardening.

The garden stands as a metaphorical area of intimate relations and the place of technological management of biology. The Garden of Eden is considered as the place before gender consciousness, before the fall. Following the Fall into sexual and gendered consciousness Adam and Eve are cast into the wilderness of the world where Eve is cursed with the suffering of childbearing and Adam with a continual fight against the hostility of the natural environment. The Garden of Delights which is catalogued in The Encyclopaedia is a continually available momentary sexual fantasy of Eden, and the persistent cultural fantasy of the world of nature tamed, the paradise promised to us by Western science and technology for some 500 years.

Christine Kennedy was born in London in 1956, and is based in Sheffield. She studied Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University, and Combined Studies at Leicester University reading History of Art, English, Archaeology and Classical Studies. She has been exhibiting regularly since 1994, and her varied ouput includes text works, photography, installations and artists books. You can find her homepage at recommended links.

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