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Over a year in the formation, ILEF is incorporated as a non-profit organization in the State of Michigan. Currently funded by its Board of Directors, ultimately, we will be seeking grants to further implement our mission.

All members will be asked to join at least one committee -- as we plan to be an active, working organization; our focus is on online literary sites whose main means of distribution is the Internet.

Please send your committee preference(s) to When we have received all of your committtee info., chairpersons will be in contact with details on initial meetings. If you have any questions/comments on this or any other ILEF matters, please feel free to contact us.

To apply for ILEF membership, please use our application form.

Calls for Submissions, Contests and Other Announcements

2River has just released its latest addition to the 2River Chapbook Series, the Gospel
according to Thomas, a cycle of poems by kris kahn, in which he explores the
paradoxical intimacy that comes with loss. You can read it by going to where you'll see a link to the chapbook.

2River has released the 6.1 (Fall 2001) issue of THE 2RIVER VIEW, with
new poems by Wendy Taylor Carlisle, Laura Hartman, Romana Iorga, Elizabeth
Knapp, Ann Neuser Lederer, Walt McDonald, Mark Melton, Allan Peterson,
Matthew Schmeer, and Leonore Wilson, and art by David Zvanut. You can read
it online or download a PDF by going to

Also, beginning November 1, 2River will begin litter pick-up along a
stretch of adopted HWY E in Jefferson County as part of Missouri's
Adopt-A-Highway program. The remote 2-mile stretch of highway is a highly
unlikely spot for a sign that says Poetry, Art, Theory. Look for a picture
of it in mid November.

Since 1996, 2River has been a site of poetry, art, and theory, quarterly
publishing The 2River View and occasionally publishing individual authors
in the 2River Chapbook Series. strives to present original, creative,
challenging, and experimental visual and textual works.
By providing a format for this kind of work,
attempts to challenge and engage in both new kinds of art
practices and in new ways of reading.

The magazine's overall approach is eclectic. We hope to
combine various visual pieces (illustrations and photographs)
with essays, interviews, prose, some poetry, and any other
highly crafted, cross-genre concoctions; and we hope to
eventually streamline short
films.'s next "rolling" issue will be online March 15.

Edited by Amanda Lynn Jones and Brian P. Katz, this issue
will feature work by Margie Schnibbe, Alessandro Thompson,
J.F. Foster, and Brendan O'Connor, interviews with Naomi Uman
and Margie Schnibbe by Amanda Jones, and more.

Please visit now and repeatedly.
We update the site often.

Bluff Magazine will be written up in the CityScapes
section of Milwaukee's Shepherd-Express-Metro, sometime around
March 1.

John Kusch
Bluff Magazine

Conspire- a journal of literary art
Issue 19 - Fall 2000


David Cazden
Bridget Gage-Dixon
AnnMarie Eldon
Anna R. Hall
Sharon Kourous
Eleanor Stuart Patton


Amanda Ngozi Adichie
Irving A. Greenfield
Alex Keegan
Joshua Lefkowitz
Bianca Stewart
Michelle Vlatkovic

Exploring Literature

Randy Money- "Escape?"
Jack Marion- "Visions from Bukowski at the Golden Dragon"


News from the on-line literary community

Conspire Issue 20 - Feb. 2002: The 4th Annual Women's Issue. Accepting submissions
November 18th - Feb. 1st., for poetry, prose poetry, short fiction, flash fiction, creative
non-fiction, gender-specific essays from women writers, and literary essays regarding women
& literature from all writers: Include "Women's Issue" in your subject line when
submitting. Male authors who are interested, are encouraged to submit theory articles
regarding women and literature.

best wishes from Conspire,

CK Tower, Lead Editor
Fanoula Sevastos, Prose Editor
Randy Money, Exploring Literature(prose)
Jack Marion, Exploring Literature(poetry)

A new edition of Friction Magazine is now online. I invite you to stop by
to see the new material we've added in all categories.

William Peck, Publisher/Webmaster
Friction Magazine - a journal of writers and artists

Three doors to art and literature.

*** On 16 October 2001, received a prestigious at-award in Vienna.
The jury: "This site is neither particularly beautiful nor particularly
fast. It is rather an example of consistent use of particular possibilities
of the Internet, enabling small initiatives to publish worldwide and
extensively, and thereby fostering an understanding for culture and the
arts. The international high standard of its interesting and vast contents
does the rest." ***

Drei Tueren zu Kunst und Literatur.

Call for Submissions

Contemporary Australian and Austrian (experimental) literature.
Two manuscripts for online publication will be accepted in 2001.

Door #2 is under construction to be relaunched in early 2002.
The forum is open for ideas and suggestions on art and culture.

Issue #21 - September 2001 will be out shortly.
Open for submissions for issue #22 - December 2001.

Gerald Ganglbauer

Three doors to art and literature.
Drei Tueren zu Kunst und Literatur. | |
PO Box 522, Strawberry Hills NSW 2012, (Sydney) Australia
Ph.: +61 2 9280 2120 - Mobile: 0411 156 309
Fax: +61 2 9280 2130 - E-Mail:

N E W . O N . O Z P O E T

Our August Showcase is open for submissions from Australian poets. This
month we are inviting you to submit a poem on the topic of "Relatives,
relations and relativities" that you have written in the past 12 months.
ANDREW BURKE and GILLIAN SAVAGE will be the selectors.

Submissions are being displayed on the site as they come in and you can
access them through the Showcase page.

The OZpoet July Showcase is now online with the theme "Animals -- fur + fin
+ feather". The Showcase, selected by Coral Hull and Carolyne Bruyn, offers
a quality selection of the poems submitted. From the Showcase page you can
link to the Submissions page and browse through all the offerings.
Discussion is welcome on the Message Board.

Poets featured in the July Showcase are: Pat Corbin, Carolyn Cordyn, John
Stokes, John West, Gloria Yates.

While you're at OZpoet, check out some of the sites listed in the reference
pages and keep up to date what Australian poets are doing online.

Come and enjoy the new offerings,

Gillian Savage

Issue No. 41 of PIF MAGAZINE, October 2000
- Your FREE Literary Monthly -
Is Online Now at

Now online:

The Salt River Review, Vol. V, No.2, Spring, 2002


David Graham,David Howard, Rhoda Janzen, Laura Jensen, Michael Karl (Ritchie), Janine Kelley, Muriel Nelson, Anthony Robinson, Pamela Stewart, Robert Sward, Ian Randall Wilson & Vasilis Zambaras
Michael Anguiano, Dylan Maiden & Sylvia Wheeler
CREATIVE NON-FICTION by Laraine Herring & Helen Ruggieri

The newest issue of Terrain is out at, with the theme of 'Energy.'


Terrain: A Journal of the Built & Natural Environments, now averaging over 75,000 hits
per month, is currently seeking submissions of poetry, essays, fiction, articles, and reviews
for Issue No. 8, "The Mountain's Range," which will be online September 8. Submissions
are due to by August 10. For more information, including submission
guidelines and an overview of upcoming themes, visit Terrain or drop a note to the editors.

Please send your news items to
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