Acme Poets and Plumbing Supply Company
Managing Editor: Timothy A. Somers -- ILEF Member
Contributing Editor: Sherry Saye -- ILEF Member
Contributing Editor: Peter Moyes -- ILEF Member
Contributing Editor: Russell H. Holder -- ILEF Member
Contributing Editor: Karen Masullo -- ILEF Member
Art Editor: Nanette Breer -- ILEF Member

Agnieszka's Dowry - A Small Garlic Press

A Small Garlic Press begun on 25 August 1995. Its on-line and in-print poetry magazine, Agnieszka's Dowry (AgD) ISSN 1088-4300, was unveiled on 8 March 1996. The magazine is edited by Marek Lugowski and katrina grace craig. The web site,, is maintained by jen jensen, with help from Marek and consulting by Rene Rivera. In addition to the press catalog, page of links, and information, ASGP has a Broadsides section which contains free typset poetry pamphlets and links to other poetry installations. There is no advertising. ASGP is a nonprofit corporation registered in Illinois. Its staff is entirely part-time volunteers. ASGP runs no contests and does not charge reading fees. ASGP-AgD staff mostly communicates via email and file exchange via ftp and http. The typset materials are exchanged using PDF files over the web. The on-line magazine is slanted towards providing access to all browsers and to allow fast textual and meaningful vision-impaired browsing using Lynx. The ASGP staff is technically savvy (computer professionals, all) and recognizes the various trade-offs in providing markup and content.

President and Co-Editor: Marek Lugowski -- ILEF Member

Committee on Literary Ethics
Committee for Digital Archiving

Marek Lugowski programs at Northwestern University. His work in Java and network programming is aimed at classroom use. Born in Warsaw, Poland, Marek arrived in the USA at the age of 14. He studied graduate computer science and semiotics at Indiana University (MS and post-graduate) under Douglas Hofstadter and others, and has worked in artificial intelligence and artificial life. Marek writes poems in English and translates Polish poetry, particularly Halina Poswiatowska's.

Vice President and Co-Editor: katrina grace craig -- ILEF Member

katrina grace craig lives in Issaquah, Washington with three tattooes, too many plants, one cat, one man and soon, one baby. A two-time Pushcart Prize nominee, she is hoping to write more poems once she is done growing the baby. In co-editor Marek Lugowski's view, katja is the axis mundi of Agnieszka's Dowry -- if katja doesn't love it, it can't possibly get in.

Vice President and Webmaster: jen jensen -- ILEF Member

Committee for Technical Web Assistance
Committee on Literary Ethics

jennifer jensen is a haiku poet and former technical writer living in Northern California. Her technical manuals grace the shelves of many British Columbian corporations. Her haiku has appeared in Frogpond, Haiku Canada Newsletter, Acorn, and evening thunder, A Small Garlic Press broadside. jennifer's work was recently included in "A New Resonance: Emerging Voices in English-Language Haiku", a Red Moon Press publication.

Vice President: Rene Rivera -- ILEF Member

Committee for Technical Web Assistance

Rene Rivera is a native of Puerto Rico and has a MS in computer science. He is a workaholic computer programmer at a well-known computer games manufacturer. Before his current job, Rene spent several years programming at Northwestern University's Institute for the Learning Sciences. His interests include computation, algorithms, graphics, and the advocacy of web accessability through considerate web design. He is also an accomplished photographer and speaks Spanish.
The Animist

The Australian-based literary/cultural ezine The Animist is for all those people who believe that literature and the arts are vitally important to the psychospiritual wellbeing of individuals and societies. We believe that literature, and the appreciation of literature, are major bulwarks against the kinds of mass barbarism and severe forms of subjective alienation which have characterised much twentieth century life. We aim to make 'The Animist' an international meeting point for writers, artists and thinkers. In this sense we embrace the creative and communicative possibilities opened up to artists and thinkers by the new multimedia technologies.

Co-Editor: Ian Irvine -- ILEF Member

Committee on Internet Literature and Cultural Change/Globalisation Issues
-- Co Chair

Ian Irvine is a writer, academic, poet/songwriter, and part time psychotherapist. He has had poems, essays and short stories published in many international magazines and e-zines and is working on various longer prose projects. He was recently awarded his doctoral degree for research into the problem of chronic ennui and has lectured in Literature, History, Sociology and Cultural Studies at La Trobe University. He also teaches mythology and symbolism for writers and literacy at the Bendigo Regional Institute of TAFE.

Co-Editor: Sue King-Smith -- ILEF Member

Sue King-Smith holds has a B.A. (La Trobe University) specialising in cultural/spiritual studies, philosophy, literature and children's issues. Sue is a performance poet, musician (song writer), essayist and digital artist. Her personal area of academic interest is the history of childhood in the Western tradition. She also has qualifications in multimedia design and professional writing and editing. She has taught creative writing and adult literacy at the Bendigo Regional Institute of TAFE and works part time with primary children at a local Koori homework centre.

Poetry Editor, Sub-Editor: John Holton -- ILEF Member

John Holton was born in Melbourne in 1964. His short stories, essays and poems have been published in literary magazines/ezines, newspapers and anthologies in Australia and overseas, and have won, or been highly placed, in numerous major literary competitions. John has a B.A. in literature and philosophy from La Trobe University. He gained his Certificate IV in Professional Writing and Editing from the Bendigo Regional Institute of TAFE and is currently completing a Diploma in the same area. John is working on a collection of his award winning short stories. He lives with his wife and three young sons at Lake Eppalock in Central Victoria.


BeeHive was founded by PERCEPTICON in November of 1997 and began publishing in May of 1998. The intent of BeeHive is to emphasize and expand upon the ways in which literary and text based content can be presented on the web. >From hypertext, to straight fiction, poetry and essays, BeeHive publishes a wide variety of work and strives to take advantage of appropriate web technologies, presenting work in highly visual intefaces.

Within its first week of going online BeeHive was 'Cool Site of the Day' and has since won a number of awards, and gained international critical acclaim. BeeHive is a busy hive of experimental writing, excellent poetry and stimulating hypertext work.

The journal is published approximately every 10 week, or 5 issues per yearly volume.

BeeHive Creative Director: Talan Memmott -- ILEF Member

Committee for Technical Web Assistance -- Co Chair
Committee for Joint Projects
Committee for Digital Archiving

BeeHive Creative Director, Talan Memmott is an artist/writer living and working in San Francisco California. Memmott comes to writing from a background in visual art, having studied painting, installation, video, performance, as well as art history and critical theory. His video work has been shown internationally and he has given performance lectures at a number of galleries and institutions. Memmott's interest in writing, experimental writing in particular increased while studying with Kathy Acker at San Francisco Art Institute.

Memmott has been working on the web since 1995 for the multimedia and web development firm PERCEPTICON. He has served in the capacity of copywriter, programmer, producer and production director on over 60 corporate and non-profit foundation websites. Since 1998, Talan Memmott has been very active in the hypertext literature scene. His hypermedia fiction and "theory/fiction" work has appeared in frAme, Perihelion, Perforations, Cauldron and Net, Big Bridge, and Riding the Meridian, as well as BeeHive.


We think walls are good for keeping out the cold and rain. And for displaying some art. They're useless in the creation and propagation of art. We don't care if Language poetry appears next to sonnets, or haiku next to spoken word and workshop poetry beside agit-smut. Our tastes are catholic-even though we're Jews and pagans and Buddhists and libertines and run-of-the-mill Christians. We don't care how art is shaped-round like moon, flat like roadkill, angular like love, twisted like political promises. We hear many voices (even when we're taking our meds) and are guided by whimsy and passion and urgency. We want more. So, who the hell are we? The Editors: Michael Rothenberg and Nancy Victoria Davis. Contributing Editors: Wanda Phipps and Hal Bohner.Webmaster: Jermiah McNichols. We're Big Bridge: in between and through and under and over. Which way you cross, what you see, depends on which way you go. See you out there. Don't forget to write. P.S.: For now, three issues will be go up each year. We will, however, occasionally update with additional works, so keep us bookmarked. Each issue will feature an online chapbook. We'll publish long poetical works and serialize novels. We'll feature selections from one of the many little magazines being published in space and on the ground; suggestions are encouraged. We intend to update our lists and links regularly, and also post letters and comments as they arrive. We'll also maintain an archive of back issues. Send correspondence to Michael Rothenberg:

Editor: Michael Rothenberg -- ILEF Member

Committee on Internet Literature and Cultural Change/Globalisation Issues

Michael Rothenberg is a poet, songwriter, editor and co-founder of Big Bridge Press and Big Bridge, a webzine of poetry and everything else. His poems have appeared in many journals including: Berkeley Poetry Review, The Cortland Review, Exquisite Corpse, Jacket, Isibongo, Sycamore Review, and Zyzzyva. He has published several poetry books. Letters, Postcards and Baguette: The Paris Journals will be published in the year 2000 by Fish Drum Press. His songs have appeared in Hollywood Pictures' Shadowhunter and Black Day, Blue Night, and TriStar Pictures' Outside Ozona. He is most recently the editor of Overtime: Selected Poems of Philip Whalen.

Art Editor: Nancy Victoria Davis -- ILEF Member

Nancy is a painter, illustrator, book designer, and co-founder of Big Bridge Press. She has illustrated the works of Jim Harrison, Allen Ginsberg, Philip Whalen, Michael McClure, Andrei Codrescu, and Joanne Kyger. Her work has been exhibited at the New York Public Library, the San Francisco Public Library, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Rental Gallery. She has been awarded The Rounce and Coffin Award for her design and illustration of "What The Fish Saw," and her broadside "Elegy For The Dusky Seaside Sparrow" was chosen Best Broadside of The Year by Fine Print Magazine.

Contributing Editor: Wanda Phipps -- ILEF Member

Contributing Editor: Hal Bohner -- ILEF Member
Bluff Magazine

The Bluffettes (John Kusch, Laurie Hertz, Tim Grair) decided that our hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA) was ready for a polished, professional, high-quality online showcase of local poetry, commentary and art. We were wrong. So instead we started Bluff Magazine. Always smart, usually funny, with something to offend everybody, Bluff Magazine's message is: you're never too old to embarrass your parents.

General Editor/Graphic Designer: John Kusch -- ILEF Member

Committee for Technical Web Assistance
Committee on Advertising, Promotion and Public Awareness

Did the weasel become a weasel by deciding to suck eggs, or did the act of egg-sucking make the weasel a weasel? Mulling over these kinds of weasel/egg questions is how John Kusch spends his time these days. A former musician, a former gender-bending Skinny Puppy fan, and most recently a former over-eating poet, John is obsessed with the thick, wet line between art, personality and celebrity.

John lives on the east side (note the lower case) of Milwaukee with his computer, some fantastic art, a respectable view, and the pelts of several unfortunate Beanie BabiesT.

Laurie Hertz, Web Design/Art Direction

Laurie sells her "warez" as an IT professional (currently assisting Milwaukee County with Y2K readiness). To find out more, look for her resume at

Laurie has spent her life surrounded by writers, all of whom told her one of two things: either "You should write that down," or, "Can I use that?" She is now happy to say that she is writing that down, and no, you can't use that. Primarily a visual artist, Laurie knows that all writers are frustrated artists and all artists are frustrated writers. Laurie, however, is done with frustration.

Tim Grair, Poetry Editor

Tim Grair has lived in Wisconsin for most of his life and can't understand how television gets us so wrong. He has no fear of heights, which is a very good thing, since he spends so much of his time on the ceiling of La Cage (2nd and National, Milwaukee), where he has been playing music for the masses for some five years or so.

In his spare time, he is co-host (with the imposing Geo Kiesow) the Milwaukee Poetry Slam at the Y-NOT II (Lyon at Van Buren, Milwaukee).

Cauldron & Net

Cauldron & Net is a bi-annual electonic magazine whose objective is to showcase (a selection of) the wide variety of diverse creative voices which may be encountered on the WWW, inclusive of both web specific and non- web specific work. We seek to publish these works in an immersive atmosphere which is highly visual and attempts to orchestrate each issue as a composition in itself, one which is formed of and in-formed by the inter-play and richness evoked by the multiplicity of this gathering.

The myriad branches of the arts are expanding greatly via the web, both in terms of new forms of expression (hypertext/hypermedia), and in terms of the accessability for a great many different people. The web is a global feast, and our goal is to offer a choice taste of this richness.

Editor: Claire Allan Dinsmore -- ILEF Member

Committee for Joint Projects
Committee for Digital Archiving

At present Claire is creating as a 'hypermedia' artist and writer whose work can be seen on the web at Beehive, The Post Dogmatist Quarterly, POTEPOETZINE, The Nepenthe Journal, Artpool, in Carolyn Guertin's Assemblage (which is featured as part of the trAce website), and in the New Media Room of a Room without Walls.

Claire is editor of the electronic magazine Cauldron & Net and president of Studio Cleo, Inc. where she works as a new media artist/web designer and indulges herself in such anachronistic pursuits as bookmaking and metalwork.


Conspire, a quarterly journal founded in 1996 with the intent to further excellence in internet literary publishing, works to accomplish its goal by publishing exceptionally crafted poetry and prose which encompasses a diverse range in form, focus and voice.

In 1998 Conspire adopted the lines: "Time has come to write the Constituion with our poetry," from Alan Kaufman's 1997 poem, "Let US". With it we hope to extend an invitation to all the "Others," whose work is alive with a rich diversity, and who may not have received the exposure they deserve. Conspire also offers literary criticism, book reviews, comprehensive links to online literary resources, Editor's Choice for Classic Artists, book reviews, news from the online literary community and an annual issue (Feb.) highlighting women writers- published in conjuntion with Riding the Meridian.

Editor: CK Tower -- ILEF Member

Committee for Joint Projects -- Co Chair
Committee on Fundraising -- Co Chair

CK Tower, founder, designer & lead editor of Conspire, resides in Lansing, Michigan and attends Michigan State University, where she is continuing her studies in English with a minor in Women Studies. CK's work, including poetry, essays, short stories and interviews has seen wide publication in magazines, journals and ezines from all over the US, Canada and Europe. In 1999 CK was nominated and inducted into The National Society Of Collegiate Scholars, as a lifetime member for her outstanding scholarship, leadership and service.

Prose Editor, Book Reviews: Fanoula Sevastos -- ILEF Member

Fanoula Sevastos, prose editor and book reviewer, holds a B.A. in English Literature and a B.A. in Economics from Rutgers University. Fanoula is a steadfast supporter of the arts and is involved with both the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Cleveland Film Society. Her fiction and poetry has appeared in numerous electronic and print publications and she occasionally freelances for local newspapers.

Exploring Literature: Randy Money -- ILEF Member

Randy Money, contributing editor- Exploring Literature(prose), majored in Computer Science at Onondaga Community College. After acquiring his Associate's degree and the feeling he'd made a wrong turn, he transferred to Syracuse University earning a Bachelor's degree in newspaper journalism.

Randy became an assistant at E. S. Bird Library at S.U.; he has worked there twenty years as of May '98. Randy's job entails writing ocumentation and teaching staff members how to use the computer applications available to them on the library network. He is married and lives with his wife, Sharon, and their eight year old daughter, Devin, in Syracuse, N.Y.

Exploring Literature: Jack Marion -- ILEF Member

Jack Marion, contributing editor- Exploring Literature(poetry), lives in Baltimore, MD with his wife (poet Carrie Cerri), two kids and too many pets. He is chief audio engineer at Elan Recordings and at Odyssey Recording. He directs the recording studios at the University of Maryland, where he teaches classes in audio and moderates a music forum. He has collaborated (as trumpet player, engineer\producer, composer, poet and songwriter) with visionaries such as Toby Twining, Lafayette Gilchrist and Shozo Sato. Jack is frequently occupied with developing, distilling and arguing theory as applied to craft and perception.

The East Village
The East Village is a global poetry and art anthology maintaining a loosely formulated NYC / Asia aesthetic, with avantist work from over 200 contributors. Video, text and audio are collected worldwide: Recent poetry text from Lissa Wolsak, Eileen Myles, Brenda Iijima, Simon Schuchat, Araki Yasusada -- with video, audio and text from Lyn Hejinian, Anselm Berrigan, Maggie Zurawski, John Wieners, Alan Sondheim, C D Wright and Wendy Kramer.

The East Village features art and Web graphics with, again, international emphases -- for example, Japanese artists Mariko Mori; Yayoi Kusama, Toko Shinoda, Kenjiro Okazaki, as well as artists based in North America, Brice Marden, Alex Katz, Susan Rothenberg, among others. Web artwork on The East Village includes pieces from Kenji Kojima; Annette Loudon, Reiner Strasser, Miekal And, Char Davies, and others.

There are three special editions of The East Village -- Poetries of Canada -- the largest online anthology of contemporary Canadian verse; Video Tokyo -- the first all-video poetry E-zine; and Boston 1999 -- the newest compilation of work by poets associated with Boston, cited by Robert Creeley as "defining and extremely useful." These editions, as well as other volumes of The East Village, are available at the site.

Editor: Jack Kimball -- ILEF Member

Committee for Technical Web Assistance
Committee on Literary Ethics

Jack Kimball travels between New York and Japan. The aesthetic impulse behind The East Village is analogous to aspects of his own poetry, mergings of "indirection" and other practices commonly categorized as East Asian with performative and languaging strategies more typical of postnarrative, contemporary verse in English-language cultures.

A "breezy bomb" according to Bob Holman, Kimball's poetry is described by Kent Johnson as a "careful and serious working through and arrangement of materials." "I can really see/feel insight at work," Lissa Wolsak writes. Recent books by Kimball include _Witness Protection_, a collaboration with Peter Ganick, and _Quite Vacation_.

Lynx: Poetry from Bath
Editor: Douglas Clark -- ILEF Member

OZ poet
Editor: Gillian Savage -- ILEF Member

Pif Magazine

Pif was founded in October of 1995 as a small fiction and poetry magazine with a circulation of around 500 readers. Since then it has become "The Starting Point for the Literary e-Press" and grown into three separate literary sites, Pif Magazine,, and Pif currently has 75,000 original readers and 1 million impressions per month. The monthly journal contains original short stories, micro fiction, novel excerpts, poetry, hypertext, creative non-fiction, memoir, book reviews, zine reviews, interviews, and other literary commentary. It features work by writers like Rick Moody, Amy Hempel, Robert McDowell, Deena Larsen, David Lehman, Douglas Bauer, Michael Joyce, and Michael Cunningham. It focuses on introducing readers to original literature and commentary in an electronic format, maximizing hyperlinks, hypertext, electronic artwork, audio, video, and other useful technologies.

Managing Editor: Richard Luck -- ILEF Member

Committee for Technical Web Assistance -- Co Chair
Committee on Advertising, Promotion and Public Awareness
Committee for Joint Projects

As Managing Editor Richard oversees the technical development of Pif's Web sites and manages all technical staff. Richard has been in Web development for over 5 years. Prior to founding Pif in 1995, Richard worked with the US Navy. He has held creative roles writing fiction, non-fiction, and HTML for magazines like B&A New Fiction, The Honolulu Weekly, The Mining Company (now, and He has developed web sites for The Natural Gardening Co., Illuminet, Inc., Story Magazine, and Writer's Digest. He holds a BA in Liberal Arts from Regents College of New York.

Senior Editor/Advertising Manager: Camille Renshaw -- ILEF Member

Camille's roles at Pif include heading up the Content Department of Pif Magazine and overseeing Sales and Marketing for all Pif sites. Camille started her career as a copy editor for Turner Broadcasting Systems where she soon became a staff writer. She later held creative roles writing non-fiction, html, and fiction for magazines like, The Mississippi Review, The Mining Company (now, and The Boston Review. In 1998, Camille co-founded with Richard Luck and later formed Pif, LLC. Camille holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Bennington College and was a 1994 Normandy Scholar.

Poetry Editor: Anne Doolittle -- ILEF Member

Anne Doolitle's poems have appeared in print in The Boston Review, Calyx, The Rock, and The Richmond Literary and Historical Quarterly. Online her poems have appeared at Zuzu's Petals Quarterly, Conspire, and Grepoetry. A poem is forthcoming in an anthology by America Online (aol). She has attended the Sewanee Writers' Conference, The University of Iowa, and Vanderbilt University. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Bennington College.

Fiction Editor: Jen Bergmark -- ILEF Member

Jennifer oversees the fiction selections for Pif Magazine and manages all Associate Fiction Editors. Her publications include Pif Magazine, The Blue Benn Review, and The Newport Review. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Bennington College.

Commentary and Reviews Editor: Michael Burgin -- ILEF Member

Planet AUTHORity

PlanetAUTHORity is a collaborative effort of writers, for writers and readers. It features poetry and storytelling in print, audio and multi-media formats. There are also several regular columns and a shockwave tarot game. Submissions, guest editor inquiries, and html interns are always welcome. PlanetAUTHORity aims to reach out for staff and submissions, and also to provide training to the youth in it's local community in the Bay Area of California.

Publisher/Editor: Martha Cinader -- ILEF Member

Committee for Joint Projects

Web Design: Charlotte Taylor -- ILEF Member

Columnists: Gloria Williams, Eva Yaa Asantewaa, Gerry Gomez Pearlberg, Crystal Clear Waters, Lashelle Wilkes -- ILEF Members

Poetry Cafe -- Temporarily Off Line
Editor: Dennis Gaughan -- ILEF Member

Committee on Literary Ethics -- Co Chair

The Poetry Kit

Founded in October 1997 as an information resource for poets, listing primarily small press publishers and magazines, competitions, books and events. Magazine section publishing poems, interviews and articles added spring 1998. Funding from Arts Council of England granted August 1999.

Editor: Ted Slade -- ILEF Member

Committee for Fundraising
Committee for Technical Web Assistance

Founder, editor. Retired businessman, technologist, systems designer, poet (this bit not retired).

Recursive Angel

Recursive Angel has been publishing the best experimental poetry, prose, fiction and art since its electronic inception on the web in 1994. RA looks for the subtle and often subconscious motivations behind a writer's work. This can include the metaphysical, philosophical and obscure.

David Hunter Sutherland: Managing Editor -- ILEF Member

Committee on Internet Literature and Cultural Change/Globalisation Issues

David has seen wide distribution of his work in journals, reviews and magazines. With recent pieces appearing in "The Northern Michigan Journal," "The Hollins Critic," "CrossConnects" and "Conspire."

David is a member of The Academy Of American Poets and a founding member of the Internet Literary Arts Poetry Contest (ILAPC), with a recent collection of verse "Between Absolutes" published by Menace Publishing of Alexandria, VA. A collection reviewers have called... intricate and innovative,works which reveal the pulsing center of a more intimate reality.

Gene Doty: Poetry Editor -- ILEF Member

Gene teaches English at the University of Missouri-Rolla. His classes range from World Epic to Technical Writing. Gene's current research interest is religious ideas in fantasy and science fiction, especially James Blish and Russell Hoban.

Until 1988, Gene's legal name was Eugene Warren. He published several collections of poetry under that name, including Geometries of Light, Fishing at Easter, and The Similitudes. Since changing his name in 1988, Gene has published mostly tanka, haiku, and ghazals as well as several long angry poems.

CK Tower: Poetry Editor -- ILEF Member

Paul Kloppenborg: Fiction Editor -- ILEF Member

Paul was born in 1959 and lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife and twochildren. After majoring in history, and doing post-graduate studies in Information Technology and Professional Writing, Paul works as a Librarian at a University Library.

His poetry is featured in several web sites and in many e-zines around the world, including "Conspire," "Zuzu's Petals," "Quarterly," "Lexicon." "Matrix" and others. His work has appeared in Australian journals and papers as: Verandah and Lot's Wife. Paul's first book of poetry (a joint collaboration with 4 other poets) was published in September 1997 by Two Dog Press. He is also currently working on a chapbook of concrete poetry.

Riding the Meridian
Riding the Meridian exists to seek out and support new forms of literary art based on Internet technology and emerging theories, to facilitate communication within the online literary community, to recognize unique talent and support emerging voices, to explore the myriad forms by which the Internet can be used to publish and promote literature.

Editor: Jennifer Ley -- ILEF Member

Committee on Advertising, Promotion and Public Awareness
-- Co Chair
Committee for Digital Archiving -- Co Chair

Founder of the internet literary magazine Riding the Meridian ( and the award winning hypertext poetry site The Astrophysicist's Tango Partner Speaks, much of Jennifer Ley's newest literary work is in the field of hypertext. Examples can be found on the web at the April feature at EPC, in Cauldron and Net, in frAme4, in the trAce anthology: My Millennium, and in past issues of The Animist, Snakeskin, Conspire and the Valentine Files. Her web work The Body Politic was shown at Digital Arts and Culture '99, sponsored by Georgia Tech and the University of Bergen - Norway. In April she presented her work at the Wednesdays at 4 readings series at SUNY-Buffalo; this summer she will have pieces in the SIGGRAPH 2000 Art Gallery, the Ink.ubation Salon sponsored by trAce and curated by Mark Amerika and in the Iowa Review Web. A 1998 Pushcart nominee for her text poetry, much of Ley's earlier work has been anthologized on the Internet at Poetry Cafe.

Contributing Editor - In the Flesh: Chocolate Waters -- ILEF Member

Chocolate Waters' latest book, Illusion Junkie Downtown, will be released by Cedar Hill Publishing early next year. The author of three previous collections, she is the recipient of a New York Foundation for the Arts fellowship in Poetry and a fellowship from the Barbara Deming Memorial Fund. Her work, which has been nominated for several Pushcart prizes, is widely published and currently appears in Hell's Kitchen: Slices of Life, And What Rough Beast and The Second Word Thursdays Anthology. Other work can be browsed on the Web at Poetry Central, Conspire, Disquieting Muses, Perihelion, Poetry Cafe, and the Astrophysicist's Tango Partner Speaks. Hailed as the "Poet Laureate of Hell's Kitchen, Waters is a pioneer in women's publishing and in the art of performance poetry.

The Salt River Review

The Salt River Review was founded in the fall of 1997, and is still in the process of finding its "ideal" format. SRR publishes poetry, mainly, but has published fiction and reviews. It has published many poets who had hitherto published only in print journals, thanks mostly to the contacts and virtual arm-wringing of its editor, James Cervantes, who published the print journal Porch from 1978 - 1981, including a chapbook series and the Inland Boat pamphlet series. SRR will sacrifice length and byte count in favor of quality and is constantly on the lookout for exceptional poetry, fiction, reviews and creative non-fiction. It also strives for readability on the screen and will eschew technological virtuosity to that end.

Editor: James Cervantes -- ILEF Member

Committee on Advertising, Promotion and Public Awareness
Committee for Joint Projects
Committee Committee on Literary Ethics

A single editor - James Cervantes - at this time, with all the eccentricities and biases that brings, though Greg Simon, in Portland, Oregon, is an occasional contributing review editor.

Terrain: A Journal of the Built & Natural Environments

Terrain: A Journal of the Built & Natural Environments is a quarterly online journal without definite boundaries, searching for that interface--the integration--among the built and natural environments, that might be called the soul of place. It is not definitely about urban form, nor solely about natural landscapes. It is not precisely about human culture, nor necessarily about ecology. It is, rather, a celebration of the symbiosis between the built and natural environments where it exists, and an examination and discourse where it does not.

Terrain, in partnership with the MIT Press's Terra Nova: Nature & Culture, includes editorials, poetry, essays, fiction, articles, artwork (ARTerrain gallery), case studies (UnSprawl), reviews, and more in each theme-based issue. Recent and upcoming themes include Indigenous America, Atmosphere and Beyond, The City Wild, and The Mountain's Range.

Editor and Web Publisher: Simmons B. Buntin -- ILEF Member

Committee on Advertising, Promotion and Public Awareness
Committee for Joint Projects

Editor: Todd Ziebarth

Editor: Cathy Cunningham

All have homes in Colorado, share an academic/professional basis in urban and regional planning, are young idealists, and came to Colorado from different parts of the country (Alabama/Florida, Michigan, and South Dakota, respectively). Their terrain is what they make it, which is hopefully a better landscape as they move on.

Editor: Richard Long

Wise Woman's Web

Motto: "A nation which does not know its poets is brutish indeed."
-- Maya Angelou

Wise Women's Web was initially made possible by a grant from the Thanks Be to Grandmother Winifred Foundation. Its vision is to promote the work of accomplished women authors and artists on the Internet. Work is solicited from well known authors, who are published alongside of new talents. Submissions are invited only during the months of June to August for annual issues. Our policy is to promote existing books and artworks of accomplished women over the age of 40 years, by excerpting and heralding their works online. We also publish original works. We are particularly interested in writers and artists of social conscience and those who are sensitive to the need to preserve nature's balances and a healthy environment.

Editor: Daniela Gioseffi -- ILEF Member

Committee for Joint Projects
Committee on Literary Ethics

Founding editor of Wise Women's Web, Daniela is author of nine books. Women on War [Simon & Schuster/Touchstone: NY] won the 1990 American Book Award. and was also published by Frauenverlag in Vienna. On Prejudice: A Global Perspective [Doubleday/Anchor, 1993] won a grant award from The Ploughshares Fund World Peace Foundation. Gioseffi's work has appeared in The Paris Reveiw, The Nation, Chelsea, Choice, Prairie Schooner, MS. and Kaleidescope: Stories of the American Experience [Oxford University Press, 1993.] to name just a few. She's read her work and lectured in the US and Europe, taught at New York University's Publishing Institute, Brooklyn College of the City University of New York, Long Island University and other institutions, and won grants in poetry and performance poetry from The New York State Council on the Arts -- she is a singer, song lyricist and painter. Her feminist novel, The Great American Belly... [Doubleday/ Dell/New English Library in 1979] was optioned for a screenplay by Pulitzer Prize Winning playwright, Michael Christopher. Her recent book of stories & novella from Avisson Press, is titled In Bed with the Exotic Enemy. Winner of a PEN Syndicated Fiction Award for her story, "Daffodil Dollars," she is also a member of The National Book Critics Circle.

Maryann Siebert, Associate Editor and Copy Editor:

Maryann Siebert, a freelance writer and teacher, taught writing at Rutgers University-Newark for many years. Now, she is teaching English and creative writing in Bergen County. Maryann is published in Lips, Paterson Literary Review, The New York Times, and various educational journals.

Ms. Gioseffi is also editor for Skylands Writers Journal

Published by the Skylands Writers & Artists Association, Inc. (a non-profit organization supporting FREE public literary events and poetry projects) P.O. Box 15, Andover, NJ 07821-0015.

Founded in 1994 by a group of Northwest NJ writers, and incorporated in 1995, by Daniela Gioseffi founding President, SWAA, Inc. is run by volunteers. SWAA offers FREE literary events and poetry jams, with open readings, for the purpose of encouraging the enjoyment of literary art and artistic community and commentary. Especially promoting and encouraging authors of the rural Skylands Region of Northwest NJ, encompassing Sussex, Warren, and northern Morris, Hunterdon and Passaic Counties-- SWAA is primarly devoted to literary art, ie. poetry & fiction, but its events often feature artists, photographers and musicians, as well. SWAA serves to network all artists of the region to create a greater appreciation for all the humanities and to celebrate, in particular, the state's finest professional poets and authors. New Jersey has been home to some of the finest poets of our times, ie. Walt Whitman in his Camden years; Allen Ginsberg in his Paterson years; William Carlos Williams in his Rutherford home; Alicia Ostriker of the Princeton area and Stephen Dunn of the Stockton area, just to name a few. The Waterloo National Poetry Festival takes place, bi-annually, in the Skylands Region and was the basis of "The Language of Life" poetry series on PBS, hosted by Bill Moyers. We have a live reading series titled CELEBRATING LITERARY NJ at Centenary College in which Stephen Dunn, Alicia Ostriker, Yictove and many other poets and fiction writers have read. A calendar of current events is available at the site.

Edward Cifelli, first Vice President, is the editor and biographer of famed NJ poet John Ciardi. Cifelli of Newton, NJ, is also a professor of English and literature at County College of Morris. Gretna Wilkinson of Madison, a Professor of Literature at County College of Morris, is a second Vice President.

William Zander, Professor of Literature & English at Fairleigh Dickenson University in Madison, resident of Newton, is a third Vice President.

Pwu Jean Lee of Randolph, Professor of Mathematics at County College of Morris, serves as Treasurer and Gabrielle LeMay, poet of Stillwater is Recording Secretary.

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