ILEF Committees
Committee on Advertising, Promotion and Public Awareness

Duties: Advertising and press release committee to promote the member publications of the organization.

Co Chair: Jennifer Ley
Members: John Kusch, Richard Luck, Susan Matteson, Simmons B. Buntin, James Cervantes

Committee for Joint Projects

Projects: Print and/or cd-rom anthologies, Best of the Internet awards, co-sponsored contests, and other joint projects.

Co Chair: CK Tower
Members: Richard Luck, Daniela Gioseffi, Susan Matteson, Simmons B. Buntin, Talan Memmott, James Cervantes, Dancing Bear, Claire Allan Dinsmore, C.J. Sage

Committee for Technical Web Assistance

Duties: This committee will explore new plug-ins/cross platform compatibility issues and present informed reports to the membership. The committee will attempt to visit members' sites once per year and report on broken links, etc. will be supplied to each site.

Co Chairs: Richard Luck | Talan Memmott
Members: John Kusch, Jack Kimball, Ted Slade, Susan Matteson, jen jensen, Rene Rivera

Committee on Internet Literature and Cultural Change/Globalisation Issues

Duties: Seeking out quality literary sites and developing a team of multi-lingual members who can approach ezines which utilize languages other than English.

Co Chair: Ian Irvine
Members: David Hunter Sutherland, Michael Rothenberg

Committee on Literary Ethics

Duties: Disseminating information on contest/submissions scams, working to identify and promote professional submissions guidelines, dealing with spammers, etc.

Co Chair: Dennis Gaughan
Members: Jack Kimball, Daniela Gioseffi, Marek Lugowski, jen jensen, James Cervantes, Karen Masullo, Lee Tracy

Committee on Fundraising

Duties: Seeking out funding opportunities for ILEF projects.

Co Chairs: CK Tower
Members: Ted Slade

Committee for Digital Archiving

Duties: This committee will undertake to contact library/librarian associations which will be involved with digital archiving of print periodicals in the near future in order to recommend archiving for our members. Will seek out other opportunities for online archiving.

Co Chair: Jennifer Ley | Marek Lugowski
Members: Talan Memmott, Claire Allan Dinsmore