Knitting By the Seat Of My Pants

He thinks linear -- point B
never precedes point A --
and HE would never start something
without knowing in advance the outcome

I like to knit by the seat of my pants
coloring outside the lines with texture
and pattern, make it all up
as I go along..

He watches the needles click
a thousand miles a minute
as intent as if I were Mme. Desfarges
knitting his life into my pattern.

He always wants to know
what I'm making
as if the end result is more important
than the process.
I figure if I know how it will all turn out
then I don't need to do it.

So, I keep knitting without a blueprint
waiting for the day when he stops asking
What are you making
and learns to wonder
what is it trying to become?

Deb Powers

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