After Venus

"The End" as fabled
is this story -
no myth, no heroes in its clime,
no Gods too herald ones arrival
just simply time; enough to hold you,
a fractioned space of entropy
this newness closing on another
and memory,

recall the present
your outline detailed by surround,
the image flickered into static
After silence
After sound.

After 'Here'
all new beginnings,
tread this silent road again
in search of reasons-
after "Meaning" surpasses end.

from 'Here',
each breath is re-enacted
from 'Here',
each word relentless - speaks,
within this equinox Life idles,
After Visions
After Sleep.

After long your lucid absence
weaves its pattern, slowly mends
After dreams burn out their fires....
or "The End" as fabled,
is this story,
with mythic heroes of our youth
and maidens sculpted in a fashion;
After Venus
After you.

David Hunter Sutherland

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